To South Carolina and back…

21 11 2013

I suppose a post is long overdue once again. Hmm… Where to start. I have been in Pennsylvania since June now. It is very cold up here. This is something I am not used to. Twenty degrees? Um, no thanks. We are living about an hour to an hour and a half outside of Pittsburgh, way out in the country.
I returned to South Carolina a couple weeks ago intending to stay for a month or two. DH was here in PA with my daughter whom I couldn’t take obviously since she has school. I stayed about two or three weeks. I was having a blast. It was good to be back. The weather was optimal, the food was great. I even did three champagne rooms in one day. When my trip came to a screeching halt. I found out I was pregnant. Was I surprised? Not at all. We were trying for a couple months and actually had quit trying when we found out the bun was in the oven. Don’t get me wrong… It was good news. It doesn’t make for wonderful nights at work. After I found out all I felt was tired, bloated, and sober, which is what sucked most of all. It’s not that I necessarily get plastered every night because I don’t.  There were a few nights I was totally sober, as well as a few nights where I had three drinks in eight hours. I would just like to know if I want to go have a couple shots at the beginning of my shift or if someone offers me a drink I can indulge. I felt very awkward going into work and could not sell a dance. My earnings went from over a thousand dollars to fifty dollars a shift. WTF!?!? I think it was a combination of a foreign, but familiar environment, feeling bloated, tired, and honestly… I really couldn’t feel good dry humping some guy with my baby, no matter how developed, in my stomach. I can’t make money going to work and feeling like a mother. I have to be in a certain zone and being pregnant was putting me nowhere near that zone. So I returned to Pennsylvania with my tail tucked between my legs and defeated. I think the industry has definitely changed. I have changed. The industry will continue to change in the near future based on the court proceedings that have labeled dancers as employees as opposed to independent contractors. I am aware that certain clubs have structured their schedules, etc. and they will be immune to these court proceedings. My home club in particular. I don’t know… Maybe it’s time to cut my losses. I am sure I won’t feel like that after my pregnancy when my body is back down and I am back to making more in a day than most people make all week. Every day isn’t great, but it’s still more profitable than a real job. I will not be making any declarations at this point, that’s for sure.
So that’s my summary… Pregnant and back to not dancing. I will definitely have some time for blogging while I am pregnant. I will mainly be at home.

I have so many other things I would love to share, but unfortunately I can’t for fear the wrong person will find my blog. I am just way too fucking shady. I amuse myself. Anyways… Till next time…




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