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I hope you enjoy my blog. It is here for a true account of my experiences and your entertainment. I have worked in Dallas, TX, Memphis & Nashville, TN, Miami, FL, and the Carolinas. I have been dancing off and on for about nine years and I thought it would be interesting to let people with regular jobs get a little insight into Stripperville since the subject is so taboo. I will however say one thing… This is my blog. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you don’t agree with my point of view —- you are wrong. I am not. Why? Because again, this is my world bitch!


Feel free to leave comments and suggestions. You can also email me at angeleyes37130@hotmail.com.


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8 05 2008
Nick aka Jesus

Hey just wanted to say the blog is great ! I too like d and z used to work in the business as a bouncer but in a much smaller town . I couldn’t help but laugh about your rant on the locker room observations . My time as a bouncer I broke up more dancer on dancer fights then an other most of which were in the dressing rooms ! Anyways keep rockin the blog its great reading I will for sure be checkin back from time to time.
I gotta say you have to be as real as they come as far as dancers from what I have read up to this point. Keep it real doll !

6 08 2008

Hey…I love your blog! I myself am a stripper, soon to be a former stripper (I think). You see I met a great guy (customer turn boyfriend…I know, big no no, but this one seem different, very promising) Reading your blog at times seems alike like my “stripper life”. Its great to know that someone else goes through and understand many of the bullshit I deal with being a stripper. Putting up with those disgusting gross customers, the jealous ass bitches and the stupid managers, most of all all the fucking people around you that thinks you’re ‘Bank of America’…that suck out your soul and be ungrateful about it! Fuck them all!! Worry about you and you only, make your money, save, and get the fuck out.

7 08 2008

Hilarious, and yeah D and Z are as well. I happen to be a customer of a club, and yes, I frequent it, however, I never expect anything, and I just find the people that try all sorts of shit to be not even funny really, just annoying. Yeah, I’m not getting any, not that I really care about it, as I have waited this long and i’m pretty sure I’m waiting for marriage anyway, but I still don’t try shit like groping the dancers and everything. Yet, somehow they still come back and sit with me… I wonder why….oh, right, because dancers aren’t f$cking prostitutes!

Well, that said, there are some that give many other dancers a bad name, and some people literally think every single last one is a whore and that they all do coke, etc. Which is totally not true.

That shit just pisses me the f$ck off!

On that note, I’m probly taking some time off from going in there, as it’s just bothering the hell outta me right now.

Anyway, have phun!

8 08 2008
Joey Faircloth

well i would really like to say that i had no idea what a dancer really goes through on a nightly basis. I will admit that i havent gone to the strip club all that much …here and there until recently ..I went to the local club and met someone who i think is amazing..so of course i have been back on a regular basis. I really enjoy your blog and its bluntness, its so real and you have to be entertained by it…i think what i love most is that its not just a strippers memoir, its your everyday life as a person and i think its courageous and admirable that you can put it out there like that . I would frequent your blog wether you were a dancer or not….its great and i love it!
Thank you

15 08 2011
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8 12 2011

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13 08 2012

I stopped into a strip club Friday that my daughter told me she danced at, she saw me 1st and left. I watched to see what the girls do there and saw them naked except earrings with their legs up in the air and strange men lingering with their faces mere inches or less buried in the girls crotch. The girls that walked around in pairs or not, casually went up to people and began rubbing on them with little or no provocation. When she called me I told her if she called me again I will file harassment charges. Daughter? What daughter, I have no desire to have anything to do with her again and also wish her luck and happiness in her life. This is her choice, to be a sex worker, I choose to not be involved with her and we must respect each other’s choices.

17 08 2012

I’ve noticed no one has commented on my comment and apologize to Angeleyes for unintentionally killing the buzz. I posted here because I wish to understand how I can if it’s possible, to rationalize and accept my daughters choice without feeling devastated. Again, sorry Angeleyes, no offense.

27 08 2012


My apologies for not commenting sooner. Based on what you have told me, this is what I think. I am going to be very honest.

If this is her choice, there is honestly nothing you can do about it. The only thing you can do to help make sure that she doesn’t fall through the cracks in Stripperville is to make sure that you leave the door to communication open. Let her know that you don’t condone her choice or agree with it, but that you love her. Warn her of the dangers and downsides of the lifestyle and leave it at that. It seems if you two are going to have a relationship you are going to have to let this go, as hard as that may be.

I honestly haven’t been in your position. I have a daughter that I will have to let grow up one day too. Where do you stop being a parent and start letting them be an adult? Sometimes, even if we know our children are making mistakes they must still learn on their own. The only thing we are here to do is guide them. I can’t control my daughter’s future choices but I do know that the only thing I can do is arm her with the knowledge and hopefully the skills to make wise choices when she is older. We teach them as best we can and let them go.

So the ultimate answer to your question in my opinion is — Acceptance. You can only change what you can control and you can’t control her. So the sooner you accept it, the sooner you can start moving forward with your relationship.

One thing that crossed my mind was this… Perhaps if you look into the industry yourself and look for ways that her career choice can benefit her IF she is adamant about doing it. At least encourage her to be smart with her money. Example: “Wow, look at this article I found on CNN. This girl was a dancer and paid cash for her house. She only saved for five years.” — These stories do exist and I have known girls that have done exactly what I just described. Things for her to remember and realize are:

She will not be young forever
If she is going to do this, she must have a back up plan for after retirement because if she does not she will be working there when she is 40
She must save money!
She must avoid the drugs and alcohol so as not to develop a habit

I hope this helps somewhat. I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear but from my experience it’s the truth. I’m not saying you should like her decision. At least support her decision and help her make the best use of her money while she’s in. If she feels you are genuine and speaking from a standpoint of care and concern she may open up to (about certain aspects of the lifestyle) you instead of hiding the lifestyle from you. What’s worse, to be kept in the dark completely or to not like what she does but be aware of what’s going on in her life and maybe help gently guide her? Just be careful to never sound condescending or judgemental.

My father probably felt the same way. His opinion changed after a while although he never “embraced” it, he did see how it was a benefit to me and the kind of money I made.

It may be hard but do your best and take care! Trying to cope with it will be far more valuable to you and your daughter in the long run than being bitter and having a damaged, stagnant relationship.


5 06 2015

Love your blog you are hilarious in some of your posts. I need to start one of these myself. I’m a former dancer in Charlotte, NC. Anyways love that I came across your stuff.

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