She Puked in the Lexus!

21 04 2008

I am going to start this post off like I always do. With an apology for not having written and a promise that I will write more. But we both know that’s a lie. However, being as I am getting more hits and have been inspired by Z, I will actually write more. You can access Z.’s rant at He rants about everything from strippers to mail order wives. Check him out.

First off, let me start by saying that I’ve moved. I now work in a military town. I made the move for two reasons. I am FORCED not to drink at work, which is awesome. That fucking rocks. Even though it doesn’t keep me abstinant all together, it does increase my money. I am back to making the money I made before I made drinking an occupational hobby of mine. So now I only get smashed about three nights a week as opposed to six. I would go out more after work but everything closes about the time I’m getting off so there’s nowhere to go except Waffle House and that’s only fun when you’re drunk. So I am forced to go home. Second, it is a nice change to dance for young, cute guys instead of old, fat guys.

Last night we had a customer appreciation party at my club. It’s where everyone comes in for two hours and gets drunk and stuffs their face for free. So I made about five hundred then I went out to the bar everyone goes to on Sundays. I don’t remember much after that except carrying my friend out to the car. Then I took her to her house but I couldn’t wake her up so I took her to my house. Then she threw up in my Lexus. Then when I got her to my house she wanted me to take her home. So I took her home but I took her to the wrong apartment. The guy answered the door and I said I got the wrong apartment. About that time she started throwing up so the guy was nice enough to get a bucket. I found the right apartment and took her home. That was my night.

I am thinking about working in New Orleans for Jazz Fest. I might go, I might not. We will see. I will write again tomorrow. I changed the layout of the page because the font was too small on the pink one. I like this one better. Hope you enjoy it.




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