Boring Night

24 04 2008

Last night sucked. I didn’t make very good money. But what can you expect on a Tuesday?

I went to work at about 7:30. I got frustrated and got off at 12. I sat around waiting for my friend who I come pick up everyday before work to get off. While I was waiting I had a couple drinks. Then she got off and we went to the Waffle House. As we were walking in some sixty year old guy who was standing outside followed me. I heard him say, “I got dibs on this one.” I used the bathroom and sat down to order my food. He comes over to me and starts talking so my friend gave me the eye and started laughing. He said, “I don’t want your girlfriend to get jealous of me talking to you.” Since I’d had a couple drinks I was actually nice to him. So to change the subject I asked him what kind of cologne he was wearing. He informed me that it was a hard on. Then I started to make fun of him. I told him I’m sure he would pick up a lot of pussy talking like that. Good luck. Then my friend and I went to a bar and stayed for about an hour. Her brother was supposed to go to court this morning so I told her I would stay the night and give her a ride to the court house since it was already five in the morning. She found out her brother didn’t have court so I went to the doctor to get some weight loss pills. My visit was $220 and the prescriptions she gave me were $250. So I am not happy about that. However, I do like my weight loss pills. They make me kind of jittery and it’s almost like I’m high. I drove to Eckerd’s to fill my prescription and they had an hour’s wait. So then I went to Wal Mart. It was still an hour’s wait. Fucking Wal Mart. I hate it. So finally made it home and got some sleep at about eleven thirty. I woke up at four and took my first weight loss pill and decided to rest today and go back to work tomorrow. Pretty boring time.




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1 05 2008

Hey there! I found your blog by accident, read all your previous entries, and now I am hooked! I see that even though to us on the outside stripping seems glamorous, it can become just as mundane as any other job. Good job capturing that! I have thought about stripping for extra money but the thing that holds me back the most, right now, is my gf. She would not approve. Ultimately, she would support me on whatever, but this, i don’t know. So why didn’t you write more on your plastic surgery? Did you get your boobs done? Do you have any pics? I am a NYC girl, and I was also wondering….$800 a night? Is that because you feature or you’re just that damned good? Do you do polework? Can a girl make it like that here? Is the money really that good? let me know…I hope to hear from you soon….i can send you a pic, if you like…then you can tell me if i’ve got what it takes… one more question…your doc prescribed you weight loss pills? I didn’t know they could do that to someone not obese…i’m getting back into dancer shape right now and would appreciate any extras…..i’m working out 3-4x a week and taking- don’t laugh- pole dancing classes! It’s quite fun and such a workout, too! It’s not just the money that intrigues me. I like turning people on. It is my favorite superpower. After all, I am a Scorpio. Okay, sorry to ramble, but you are intriguing. Later

9 05 2008

I love your blogs!!! I found you on Z’s website now I am hooked. I am also a dancer and some of your stories made me laugh out loud and I was home alone. Maybe you should think about writing a book because you have a way with words and you have to be smart making $800 in a single night. It takes me like three nights to come up with that. Of course I dance in Lexington, Ky and the money is only good during the horse racing season. Keep up with the blogging you are beautiful and awesome!!!!!!

Spank ya Babe!!!

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