Kicked out of Waffle House

9 02 2008

Last night was another easy night at work… I only made four hundred dollars because I got drunk. I heard a customer bought a bottle of Patron so I made my way over there because a bottle of Patron in the club is expensive. I got lucky and made most of my money off that table.

My friend and her husband came from North Carolina to visit me. Her husband is nice and I’m happy for her. We both grew up in state’s custody and don’t really have any family so it’s nice to know someone cares about her. We got drunk at two different bars and went to the Waffle House. I got into an verbal altercation with one of the cooks. We were escorted out of the Waffle House by the security guard. I told him he was sexy on our way out. I think I am too crunk for Waffle House. I am not clear whether or not I and permanently banned or just for last night. I will go back tonight and see. I guess I will have to add that to my list of establishments I am 86’d from along with Belk’s, Food Lion, etc. Other than that my night was uneventful. I went and bought a digital camera finally. Till next time!




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