Sobriety is not working out well for me…

3 11 2007


Remember how I said in previous posts that I am trying to stay sober? Well, I failed last night. Miserably. I went in to work at about nine thirty-ish and didn’t have my first drink until— hell I don’t know what time it was but I had already made three hundred dollars. Then I happened to come across this big, fat guy named Norman. After three bottles of Rosae (I’m not sure how to spell that) I was drunk and had twenty three hundred dollars. Somehow I lost a thousand of it. I know. Shut up. I’m more pissed than you are. So I am getting ready to go in to work again tonight so I can make it up. That was my night. Nothing exciting. If I could just be as nice sober as I am drunk I would have this thing whipped. When I am sober I have no personality and I don’t find customers interesting at all. When I drink they are all my friends. I know, it’s pathetic. I need to find a way to stay sober though. This is getting ridiculous.




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14 07 2012

Its the classic catch if this industry. We don’t HAVE to drink but we usually do because we honestly do have an unusual job description! Alcohol kind of comes with the territory……unfortunately.

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