8 11 2007

Okay… So I’ve been staying semi-sober. Monday was an exception because I got drunk. BUT I feel I have a right if I sell a bottle of champagne to a customer. This means I have made the club at least $285 for a low end bottle. This also means I have made myself anywhere from $500-$1000. Why not get drunk? It’s not like I’ll need to go back out on the floor and work and try to get somemore money. I know that I sound like a drunk justifying why they get drunk. Know why? Because I that’s exactly what it is.

So… after bitching and complaining about being alone, I think I found it. We have been casually dating for three or four months now and I think it’s getting serious. I like him A LOT. Last time I liked someone this much, I ended up married to them. He is so sexy. Thank god he has his own job, car, and place. He is thoughtful, patient, and SO FAR honest. I do believe if someone is not an honest person they will constantly have holes in their stories when they talk to you. I don’t find holes in his stories. He has been there a few times when I really needed him. He seems family oriented, faithful, and sincere. We will call him “Robert”. I am just an awe over him and now I will quit my rambling.

I bought a new puppy. I bought her at a gas station from a guy that was walking her. He said she wasn’t for sale so I gave him $150 and took his dog. It’s a pit bull named Paris. I decided on the name Paris because of Paris Hilton. I love her. She’s like a little stripper. I gave her that name after observing the way she tries to pull when I walk her. I thought to myself, “I guess you’re just going to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it.” This brought on the name Paris. And she has a cute little pink collar with diamond rhinestones on it. I will put some pics up soon.

I have been sober since Monday. Here it is Wednesday morning. Good job, huh?

Here’s an afterthought. Robert doesn’t like my drinking. He says I’m too classy to get so drunk. There’s another reason to stop.

Monday was a good night at work. I made $1300 off a few different customers and two hours of champagne. It will suck when I have to go get a real job. I am thinking about going back to school but I need to be committed so I need to prove to myself that I can stay sober. We will see.

I’m sorry my week hasn’t been exciting. I know everyone thinks strippers have lots of friends, do lots of drugs, and have lots of sex. Maybe they do, but I don’t.




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4 05 2008

wow. u r sooo very interesting. im a 28 yr old sexy female. if i weasnt so shy, i would strip also.. n e ways, my goal is to open my own strip joint… any suggestions ?!?

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