Halloween is a Slut’s Favorite Day

1 11 2007

Well, Happy fucking Halloween. I am glad that stupid day is over. It is always slow in the club because the regular girls get the opportunity to dress up as the whores they always wanted to be. I guess in a guy’s mind the only thing better than seeing tits and asses at a titty bar is seeing them for free on Halloween. Those bitches are bad for business. I was going to dress up for Halloween but I was at work so I looked like a whore. I wear my costume three hundred and sixty four days a year. It would have been fun to dress up as something slutty but it doesn’t get much sluttier than being a stripper. Maybe next year I’ll wear my stripper clothes and a ski mask while I sell dances. But I guess if I’m going to dress up, I should dress up as something I’m not.

So I had a really good day yesterday. I woke up, went to work out with my personal trainer, then did thirty minutes of cardio. Then I went to tan. Then I went into work at about nine thirty. It was pretty much dead. Maybe ten or so customers. Remember there are some that are like light fixtures and never leave and don’t spend money. They are just there everyday because they have no life. But the night picked up and I found me a dumbass. I got him for $800. He was really drunk. That’s what he gets for having his dumb ass in there. We went and did a champagne room for an hour. He was very demanding. When I asked him about his visit to Thailand he told me he didn’t want to talk about it because it would be “a waste of his money”. I guess he felt he wanted to maximize every minute he could. But he still didn’t get shit. Then I had the money I made from other people. Single dances here and there. One guy gave me $100 for two songs. That was nice. I charge $40 a song but I was going to give him a two for one. I drank a few glasses of champagne. Then I left work and went to a bar close to my house. I was driving around drunk and I probably shouldn’t have been.

Which brings me to my DUI. It got dismissed. I should have learned from that and be more responsible. I don’t think when I start drinking. I am going to try to be better at that.

I am sitting here debating whether to go to work tonight or not. I need to go but I have this terrible hangover. My friend that I mentioned in previous posts “N” is mad at me. I called her today and she asked me if I told a customer in the couch room last night that I didn’t like her. She said she heard me. This is the third time she’s gotten mad over some stupid shit like that and her attitude is bad all the way around. She is always so negative. I think she has the impression that she is a bad ass. Like I told her, if I don’t like you I wouldn’t be calling you. And if I have something to say I will let you know. I told her since she was uneasy around me and wondered if I was talking about her to just not say anything to me anymore. I don’t have time for her shit. I helped her get her car fixed once. I got two tickets in the process and she said she would help me pay them. Have I seen any money? Fuck her. She’s not even on my level. Her life is not together. Plus, she doesn’t make any real money at the club. Its better this way. If I would have continued a friendship with her, her fucked up pessimism would have rubbed off on me. So from now on when I go to work I am going to act like she doesn’t exist. Ungrateful bitch.

That has been my last few days. I am going to take a shower and decide if I am going to work. I need to go. Might be busy since Halloween is over. I hope all of you had a Happy Halloween. Take care and I will post again soon. By Sunday at the latest. Maybe sooner.




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