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18 09 2012

While I have made great strides to get along with my mother in-law who came to live with us in April, I still struggle in some respects. Trying to cause fights between my husband and I, claiming she didn’t make statements she made, and several other issues can be blamed for some of the resentment I have stashed for her. The latest reason happened this morning… In the form of a bad check.

First of all, let me say this. I am not an ignorant, mean, bitter person. Maybe I expect too much of people. I didn’t mind helping his mom when she first came to live with us, however it’s evident to me that she doesn’t want help. After us helping her with her truck insurance, cigarettes, oil changes, taking her to the salon to have her hair colored so she’d look decent when applying for jobs, not to mention the two to three months she didn’t work… Not to mention the fact that last time bills were due she moved out the day before she was supposed to pay us. When she wanted to move back in I agreed (through clenched teeth, with a fake smile) that she could come back as long as she helped pay the rent and 1/3 of the utilities. I was nice enough to not charge her for the LAST time she skated out on the bills. What do I get in return for all of my “niceness”?

I get a bounced check for her portion of the utilities. It was only $135.00! We didn’t even include the bundle package we get for our Internet and TV. This was only for the lights and water. Luckily, we had enough in our account to cover whatever purchases we had made and weren’t spending her check so to speak. She said she is going to pay me when she gets paid. I told her it would probably be better from now on if we operated on a cash only basis. My husband wants to make all these allowances for his mom and help her with this, this, and that. I feel she doesn’t want to help herself. She is not happy because she doesn’t make enough money. I tried to help her get a better job and even set her up with interviews. Did she go? Nope. I told her she may need to look into school. I even pointed her in the right direction. Did she go? Nope. She wants to do what she wants to do and have someone else finance it.

Maybe I’m being mean… I’m not trying to be. It’s not just one incident that has gotten me to this point, but rather a continuous plethora of BS.

Can someone tell me WHY this woman who has been alive twice as long as me cannot get her priorities straight? I’m 30 and when I write a check, it’s good. Period. No questions asked. This leads me to, “Hey, you! Stand over there against the wall with the rest of the people that have their priorities F’d up!” Get your life together for crying out loud.

I am done venting for today.




One response

19 09 2012
Stripper X

It sounds like it’s time for you to put your foot down…this could negatively affect the relationship with your husband. If your mother-in-law loves her son, she’ll understand this. Thanks for sharing some extremely personal conflicts. Good luck…!

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