Stupidity on top of stupidity

20 09 2012

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to. I feel like I’m living in a movie sometimes.

In my last post I expressed my joy that my mother-in-law was leaving. As soon as I posted that post my father called me and informed me that my brother wanted to relocate to Tennessee with my nieces and nephew (triplets). I said sure… Why not? Haven’t we helped DH’s family twice now? Apparently, they are having some issues with their mother. Without going into too much detail, she has decided to pursue a life of fast living and debauchery in lieu of a life with her children. The kids have been through a lot and are pretty hurt. I am excited to get my hands on them! I can’t wait until they come. They are fifteen years old and I haven’t seen them since they were eight months old. My daughter is excited too. Finally, she won’t be the only kid in the house. I talked to them on the phone last night. They seemed a little reserved. Understandably so. I would be weirded out too if I was on the phone with my aunt that I really didn’t know. I could tell by talking to them that they had a good head on their shoulders. We are all so excited… Except for one person. You guessed it.

DH is already making rules on where they can and can’t go within the house and what he will and won’t tolerate. I guess since his family is useless and it didn’t work out with them due to their own stupidity he is using that as a catalyst for being nasty and mean to them. Well, I have news for DH. The house we live in is in my father’s name even though we pay the mortgage and all the bills. My father won’t put up with DH throwing his weight around for five seconds. It’s sad that he is too stupid to realize it.

Here’s an example of a stupid, stupid, stupid conversation we had yesterday.

DH: How much is left in the account.

Me: (Told him amount.)

DH:  What happened to the $1,500 I made during shut down?

Here is a vague rundown:

Dentist – $259

Anniversary dinner – $65

Cable bill – $161

My daughter’s lunch acct – $42

Groceries – $175 since we are feeding four people…

Bar hopping – Around $150

Repay my parents due to DH’s actions… They were nice enough to front the money. I won’t even go into that. Let’s just say we owe them right at $2,000.

Payment to my parents: $300

Gas money for his coworker for taking him home for the week: $20

There were a few other odds and ends things but what I just stated comes to $1,172.

I wasn’t out shopping at the mall. I was taking care of business. So the conversation continues…

Me: I’ll tell you what… When we get home we will sit in front of the computer and go over the account together. However, I promise I didn’t blow it.

DH: I just don’t see where all that money went.

Me: Can we just talk about it when we get home? We can’t do anything in the car so let’s not beat a dead horse. I am more than happy to go over it with you at the house.

Then he kept on and kept on until I finally got angry. I told him that we are two intelligent adults (supposed to be) and there’s no need to harp on and on about it. What sense does that make? Ignorance. Finally, we ended up getting into an argument that led to my cooking, handling of money, and his decision to stay married to me all being criticized. I just sat there with tears in my eyes thinking… Really? Why does it always have to get to this point? Plus, if he was so worried about the finances why doesn’t have collect from his dear mother? Yeah, that’s what happens when you take care of other people. You start spending more money. Especially when you’re supporting free loading adults who are more than capable of taking care of themselves. Of all the pea brained, illogical, stupid conversations to have, why couldn’t he just wait until we got back to the house? Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to a wall. And when we argue he repeats himself over at least four times. That is a pet peeve of mine. I don’t have time to listen to you say the same thing over and over because you’re an idiot. I am perfectly capable of comprehending what you just told me. Not my fault that you are obviously incapable of remembering you JUST TOLD ME.

When we got home I was so angry. I just wanted to scream at him and tell him how stupid he was. Instead, I went in the bedroom to lie down. Do you think that happened? Nope. He came in there right after me to lie in the bed and aggravate me some more. I decided to go up to my daughter’s room and lay down. While I was laying down he decided to go get a case of beer. Then as the night wore on and he continued to drink he just kept being nasty. I finally asked him to please just help me and be supportive of my brother and his kids coming down. Let’s stick together. We are a team. He wanted to harp on the incidents with his family and bring that into the equation. To me, the two are unrelated. He said he couldn’t wait until my family got here so he can treat them the way I treated his. I think I’ve been pretty nice to them. I allowed his mom to move back in, didn’t charge her what she didn’t pay before she left, and told her don’t worry about the bounced check, just give us $50 and we will call it even. How much nicer can I get? Can’t get much nicer than that in my mind. What he doesn’t understand is he’s going to make my dad mad and my dad is going to tell him to leave. Of course, he doesn’t get the picture yet. We are even buying all the groceries and his mom is eating our food. She drinks (no shit) a whole pot of coffee a day. I have seen her make two and drink them both. Seriously… So yesterday when I saw I had a quarter of a container of coffee left and that she was making her some I was thinking — I don’t care if you eat but I’m not going to support your coffee habit too. I don’t have the time to make coffee everyday and have cut back on my coffee due to the sugar and fat in the milk. I can’t stand black coffee. So I have coffee on the weekends only. So even though she isn’t putting in on groceries, I am supposed to let her drink the whole rest of the quarter of the container left so I have to go out and buy more just so I can have some? LOL I don’t think so! I hid the coffee this morning so she couldn’t find it while I was gone to work. I know it’s a little messed up and childish but what should I have done? Coffee is not exactly cheap, although it’s not luxuriously expensive either. Maybe I’m wrong but I just saw it as one more inconvenience so me and our household. Eat the last of the cereal… Or the Oodles of Noodles. Go ahead and help yourself to the last piece of bread. But do not touch my Yazzo or my coffee! I calm myself down by remembering she is leaving soon and the inconvenience will be gone. But I’m still not going to allow her to rob my coffee jar.

It will be interesting to see what happens when my brother and his kids come. DH and I were doing well for a few weeks now. He just always seems to revert back to old behaviors. I told him yesterday that the way he behaves does not produce the results he wants so why not change his behavior. It’s stupid to make the same mistake over and over again.

And to top it all off I have been taking him to work so he doesn’t have to drive. There are some legal issues there. I get up an hour early to make sure I’m ready for work so I can take him to work without coming back to the house because I don’t have the time to do so. He had time last night to drink beer and watch tv but not once did he tell me about how he had to drive to work this morning. He was nice enough to tell me after he woke up an hour after me that he didn’t need me to take him to work today. I could have slept an extra hour but because he didn’t let me know I was up and ready to go. I guess stupidity is genetic.

I called my dad and told him what DH was saying and that he needs to come nip this in the bud asap. He is coming over this evening. If DH gets himself kicked out of my dad’s house, I am not moving out with him. He will be on his own because it will be due to his own stupid actions.




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