I have a question…

2 06 2010

Alice works at a company as a temporary. Alice decided she was unhappy with her job and started looking around for another job. Alice put in her notice to the company that she was working for that she would be quitting and notified them of her last day. In the interim, the job she was employed at offered her more money to stay. Alice took the offer to remain at her present job.

A coworker asked Alice why she decided to stay. Alice told her coworker that she was offered more money and told her specifically how much more. The coworker then went and complained to human resources that she didn’t feel it was fair that Alice got a raise because the coworker had worked at the company longer. Alice was then fired. Human resources told Alice that she was fired based on the fact that she shared her salary information with the coworker. Is this legal? Do the circumstances change if Alice is a temporary?




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