Not Much Going On…

20 05 2009

I still haven’t been to work. I am going out of town tomorrow until the 26th so I definitely won’t be working. I will still blog probably in the interim.

I had a long day of doing little, tiring tedious tasks. I don’t feel too crappy yet. Just a little fatigue. I am hoping mornin sickness doesn’t set in in the near future and I am not so sick I can’t enjoy being pregnant. I woke up at 6:15 and took Paul to work. We desperately need to get another car soon. My daughter is coming back and I don’t want to have everyone operating off one vehicle. After I dropped him off at work I stopped at Chik Fil A and got a biscuit. I love that place! Then I came home, watched the news, and took about a two hour nap. I woke up about 10:30 and went to a dental appointment (courtesy of the United States Department of Defense). Gucci decided to shit on my carpet and drag my sandals behind the couch and chew on them. I took it away and scolded him and tapped him on the head with it a couple times. What a naughty little fuck. But damn, he’s cute. After my dentist appointment I went to grab lunch. Then I ran a couple errands and looked at a house for rent. It’s bigger than our apartment and the cost is only thirty dollars more. We are expanding. :0) Tomorrow I have a lot to do… Laundry, packing, schedule an OBGYN appointment, homework, buy dog food so I can drop Gucci off at the pet sitter, take the truck for a diagnostic, and a few other little things. I suppose I am going to wrap this up for the night. I am so excited to go get my daughter I am on full throttle. She is so great! For now I leave you all in good wishes.




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