Free Patron!

30 10 2008


Song for the Day…

Okay… Guess what time it is! It’s that time. Drunk time. I went out tonight. Didn’t work. I had a fabulous time. I drank all night and then I went to base and got a bottle of Patron. There was a guy in line in front of me and the clerk put my shit on his tab. He paid for my shit!!! She gave him two bags. When he turned around with the bags I said, “Excuse me, I think you have my bag.” He was soooo drunk! He asked me, “Did I just pay for your shit?” I said, “No, I just paid her.” Then I took my bag and walked out with my $40 bottle of Patron. Awesome! It’s a free tequila giveaway.

I dressed up tonight. Had a great time. I am dealing with some things right now. I don’t care to disclose. Other than that I am good. And that’s all I have for now.




One response

30 10 2008

Sounds like great Day! I will have to see if I can pull that off some time. Hope your well.

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