Linens N’ Things going out of business… Boo Hoo…

18 11 2008

Song of the Day


My life has been eventful. I am off work tonight and under the weather. Phillip is doing well. I can’t wait for him to come home. I miss him. I don’t have anyone to beat in the face with my shoe. Well, I can’t remember if I discussed this in my last blog but I wrecked my car. I have been expanding my social life a little bit. I have been going out more with my friends. I don’t really have anything exciting to report. I am driving a rental and saving the money for a car. That sucks because the rental is expensive.

So I was driving down the road the other day and noticed Linens n Things is going out of business. Their crap is burgious and it is useless. It’s shit no one needs. That is why they are going out of business. Here is an example of their sale:

 margaritaville1Now this is just the dumbest, most useless thing I have ever seen. A three hundred dollar Margaritville blender. Who buys this crap? Someone needs their ass stomped. I thought it so ridiculous that I felt compelled to stop and take a picture.


On another note, Halloween was fun. I was Rainbow Brite. We got really drunk and ended up having to call the ambulance for my friend Nicole. I was too drunk to go to the hospital. I guess I was offering the police some Patron. My friend said that I wasn’t kidding. That I was totally serious. He said they thought it was funny and had a good laugh. My friend Chris was a car wreck victim for Halloween. He had an extra bottle of fake blood. I was drunk so I went down and threw it all over my neighbor’s door. When I came outside the next day, she saw me. Then she came outside and called the cops (Gee, who would’ve guessed that one?) like she always does. The cops came and she said she wanted the bottle fingerprinted. I was drunk and had thrown it on the ground. The cops told her they could take a report for suspicious activity but couldn’t fingerprint the bottle or anything else because there really wasn’t damage to the property and she didn’t own the apartment. I was behind the cop laughing (we were outside) and smiling, but not audibly. She said, “Yeah, it’s real fucking funny huh?” By the time the cop had turned around I had already wiped the smile off my face and had a bewildered look. The cop looked back at her like he didn’t believe her. I told him, “I told you she was crazy. I wasn’t even laughing.” She is so much fun! I love to watch her react. I can’t wait to go over there one night. I wish I could Saran wrap her whole car but that would take too long. I will think of something. See now I know where she lives, but she doesn’t know where I live.  :0)


Other than that work has been steady. I am saving up to go to Cancun and get a boob job at the beginning of next year. I will blog again soon. No crazy customers lately. Oh, and Steve, I enjoyed our dinner and dances. Thanks again. See you soon.




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18 11 2008

A 300 dollar maragarita blender what ???? I am telling you right now that after you kick the ass of whoever is dumb enough to buy such an item, please send them on down my way. Such and ostentatious purchase deserves a few extra kicks! Anways ttyl.

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