I got Gucci for Mother’s Day!

12 05 2009

Well, I took the job that I was talking about. We will see how long it lasts. It’s an attempt. I am going to see where this goes. I know a lot of BlueCross BlueShield employees frequent the place. Hopefully, I can get a good job somehow. I am taking a pay cut considering I am going to be applying myself for considerably less money somewhere but I’m married now, right? One of the main reasons I took the job was because I know how he feels about me dancing.

I went to work last night and it sucked. It’s nothing to brag about. The last few Mondays have been awful. I’m taking tonight off. I’ll go back tomorrow. I have a doctor’s appointment and I’m supposed to meet my boss at the cigar parlor for some training.

Oh, Phillip got me a puppy for Mother’s Day. He’s so cute! I’ll post pics soon. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that he keeps pissing and shitting on my carpet. His name is Gucci. He’s a PomChi which is a Pomeranian/Chihuauah mix. I guess they are called designer dogs or hybrid dogs or something like that. He’s a playful little thing. He looks like a little bear. I’ll be glad once he gets housetrained. LOL I took him for a walk today and there was a mother duck out with her babies. She saw Gucci coming and tried to attack my puppy! I screamed for Paul and kicked the duck and yelled. In the process he scared Gucci right down the hill into the bushes by where he kicked the duck. I will post pics soon. I know, I’m sitting here talking about a puppy like a yuppy but I like him.

Well, that’s all… You all know that I will keep you posted. Good luck! It’s almost beach weather. I can’t wait!




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