Cleansing my body… And soon my life

25 09 2012

I am embarking on the Master Cleanse. I was actually able to turn down booze last night. That is a milestone for me. It was even free! I have lost three pounds. I am taking control of the things in my life that are making me unhappy. Which leads me to…

DH. Still pondering this one. You know what’s funny? Since we met, I have changed. Definitely for the better. I’m out of the scene, gainfully employed, and graduated college. I make better decisions. I’m not doing anything illegal. I’ve settled down a lot.

On the contrary, I think he has gotten worse. I see no improvement in sight. I am not searching for guidance. I know this is something I am going to have to do on my own. Thoughts race through my head. What if I never find anyone else? How would I feel if he were with someone else? Most importantly, why do I even care? Am I really upset about leaving him? It’s not like he leaves much to be desired or missed. Maybe I am more upset about the dreams and possibilites that were shot all to hell and the last four years of my life being wasted.




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