I am ashamed to admit it but…

4 09 2012

This weekend was fun and relaxing. I did manage to get a few things done. I dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen so I made an appointment at the Apple store to have them look at it. For only $199 I can get a new phone. I decided to get a case, which I should have done in the first place but I was too cheap. I got some kind of screen protector that sticks on the front in an effort to keep those shards under the film so they won’t gradually dislodge from the screen. I really can’t validate getting a new phone when this one is fully functional aside from the shattered screen, which SO FAR has not affected its performance. I am interested to see what the next iPhone will be like and if Apple will be able to mirror the style, functionality, and efficiency Steve Jobs envisions for the iPhone. I was reading an interesting article last week that claimed Apple almost scrapped the iPhone early in the development process. What a mistake that would have been…

My favorite friend accompanied me to the Apple store. I have known her since high school. She is a lesbian and she definitely dresses like a dude. Everytime we go out together people stare. I am very feminine so they no doubt think we are together. I giving her a hard time and making unnecessary comments which I have been doing relentlessly since 1997. When we go out in public and people insinuate that we are “together” I always make some comment about — I am not with her. Just look at her and look at me. I am too fine for her. This usually lightens the mood. She is used to me by now. When people stare it always makes me giggle. She seemed to think people were, in her words —- “Trying to figure out what I am.” LOL She was cracking me up in Nordstrom’s. I was at the MAC counter and an older gentleman kept staring at her. She made the comment that she was going to flash him in order to show him her gender. Other than that we got some ribs for $1.79 at Publix… Okay, we got a whole bunch of ribs… And grilled out. We drank some beer and had fun. It was nice to sit around and do nothing. Another fun thing we did was watch Dictator on Redbox. If you haven’t seen it, go see it. It’s highly inappropriate but it had me laughing so hard I coudln’t breathe. And that is not a common occurence.

I am ashamed to admit that I am excited for Christmas, especially since it’s only September. Guilty as charged. I am undoubtedly a retailer’s favorite sucker this year.

I just can’t help myself. Summers down South are long, hot, and humid. I think I enjoy the transition from one season to the next more than I do the actual seasons themselves. It’s starting to cool down now — just a tad. In the South that means it’s like 85 degrees instead of 105. I actually sat outside and ate my lunch comfortably today without sweltering or feeling like I may melt away like the witch that I am. This prompted me to look at the forecast. Sunday it’s going to get down to 77 degrees. I am not playing weather girl today but my point is… It looks like fall is coming. The first sign of fall excites me! I love it when the air is crispy (as long as it’s not freezing outside). I love dressing in layers. This is one of the few times of year that it’s not unreasonably hot or too cold to do anything. I love enjoying the outdoors especially during this transition. I can almost smell pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and apples. These thoughts made me really excited for Christmas.

Why am I so excited about Christmas? My father is basically the only family I had. As my sole custodian, he often had to work. Holidays became meaningless with no family. Then, when I was fifteen I decided to run away. To make a long story short, I spent three years in state institutions away from my family. After that I got older and moved away, often choosing to work out-of-state. My father remarried so I figured he was fine and I never came home for the holidays. I spent many Christmas’s and Thanksgivings working and burying my head in the sand like an ostrich trying to ignore my feelings. Now I am married and I get to spend the holidays with my daughter. My father only lives forty minutes away so him and my step mother will most likely come over for Christmas. DH’s mom lives with us so he should be happy too.

Pinterest is not helping me with all of their crafty, seasonal, do it yourself decorations. Hmmm… Don’t mind if I do! I think it would be something fun for me and Kota to do.

For example:

I can’t wait to try this idea! How cute and simple. Michael’s, here I come we come.

I am overwhelmingly excited. The things that excite me now are much different from the things that excited me a year ago.

I have several events coming up that I plan to take my daughter to including a pow wow, a festival, and going to an observatory in the next few weeks. I am already making my daughter’s Christmas list of what I’m going to get her for Christmas. I’m thinking new tv for her bedroom, a stereo, some art supplies, clothes, and maybe a North Face jacket. I’m afraid she will outgrow it so quickly at this point. I guess I will see what the sales look like…

As for my household… DH’s mom (as I mentioned previously) is still living with us. She is now saying she may go back to Iowa again. I feel like she makes this claim for attention although I could be wrong. I realize I need to be flexible and understanding being as this is my husband’s mom. However, the stress of this situation has caused ripples — okay, large waves — in our marriage. I told him I will be understanding for a while longer but this can’t continue long-term. We have our own bills to pay and our own stuff to worry about. We simply can’t continue to take care of an adult that should be taking care of themselves. I could understand if she was disabled or something prevented her from caring for herself, however this is not the case. The thing that concerns me the most is that unless her income increases, which I don’t see her making an effort to do, she will continue to be in the same boat. We can provide temporary help, but I see this as a short-term solution to a larger problem. Not to mention I wasn’t too happy about the way she left last time. I don’t think I went into details about that, but the way she left definitely did not portray a person who was grateful or thankful on any level. Her actions were the actions of someone who felt entitled. Whether it’s his mom or not I didn’t like what she did and I didn’t like the fact that she didn’t consider how it would make my husband feel. She pulled this the day his son was going back to his mom’s for the summer too. This led me to believe she was not considering anyone’s feelings except her own.

But enough for now. I hope each and every one of you had an relaxing weekend. Sometimes we can work so much and relax so little that we forget what life is all about. This was just what the doctor ordered.




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5 09 2012
Stripper X

Fall is also my favorite time down here in Atlanta…such beautiful, perfect weather. I had a fabulous weekend as well. Life is so short and you’re absolutely right that we need to appreciate the good times with family and friends. Have a great week and thanks for posting!

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