Nashville Flea Market

27 08 2012

Well, as you can see — if you have been coming here for a while, there are some changes to my blog. Yes, I took some of the old posts down. Moving forward I decided I wanted to be able to write freely which I can’t always do on shared computers. We know the history behind the making. I actually started a tumblr, but didn’t like using it so I’m baaaacckkk… I’m probably going to be making some changes to the appearance of this blog however.

The clean eating thing… Eh. I won’t say it didn’t go well. It always goes well until I get tanked. Sorry I couldn’t be consistent for two days. Haha. I was nursing a hangover.

Like any dysfunctional relationship, let’s pretend I haven’t even made those mistakes and move forward as if nothing ever happened.

My weekdays are usually the same. Work, then home. The week-ENDS are when the fun comes. This weekend the highlight of our weekend was going to the Nashville Flea Market. You may think this is a dumb thing to be excited about. However, I was looking forward to possibly getting involved in the flea market and selling things. Well, that idea has been shot in the buttocks because every single thing I haed in mind to sell someone was already selling with the exception of a couple things. I was pretty bummed out because I was looking for a part time income. But I still have a couple ideas floating around. Here are some pics from our weekend:


If I was born a four legged fur ball I would definitely want her as my owner! This dog has the life!


One of our many yummy treats we indulged in that day 🙂


I was very impressed. Very vintage and creative. I loved the use of the music sheets as a skirt.













They had absolutely everything there. Unbenownst to me, this flea market is one of the top flea markets in the country. Who knew? It was totally awesome. It was a great way to relax and take in some sights. A large portion of it is outdoor — although there are indoor booths too, but it’s best to go when the weather is pleasant. They had a barbecue festival downtown but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $30 to get in for me and my daughter. Maybe next year.

There is however, an Italian Lights Festival coming up and I am considering going to that with my daughter. Probably for the Italian food more than anything.

My new addiciton: Pinterest. I have seen all kinds of cute ideas on Pinterest and I can’t wait to do them with my daughter! I must be worse than the retailers because I’m already excited about Christmas. Last year, Christmas wasn’t so great with us just having moved and one person working. I am so excited for this Christmas! New recipes, homemade crafts, a new (beautiful) tree… It’s going to be awesome!

Speaking of recipes, I have been finding a lot of yummy, healthy ones. I may start sharing them soon. I love to cook.

Okay, no craziness here. Did I tell you my mother in law moved back in? Yeah… Just trying to be positive about it. Maybe this time she will help kick in with the bills.








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