Cheap weekends! ;)

12 08 2012

Today started with my daughter and I waking up at the butt crack of dawn… Or what felt like the butt crack of dawn. That means 8:15 am. I can’t lie. I always have been a nocturnal creature. Getting up at 5 am all week makes me appreciate my weekends.

We got ready for our cake decorating class which I later found out wasn’t until 3 pm. So we went for a walk on a scenic local trail. Five miles to be exact. After that we went to Chuy’s and got some Mexican food. I know :). But at least it was quality time. I had a wonderful cucumber margarita:


And some of the best service ever. I was very impressed with the service there and I’m quite definitely a hard to please, picky bitch so that says a lot. Then we went to WalMart. I ended up canceling out cake decorating class because I didn’t realize beforehand that it didn’t start until 3. My husband usually gets off work at 2:30 so I thought we would spend time with him. We came home and he was being an asshole so we went to our lovely local winery Arrington Vineyards. We had a great time watching people get drunk and laughing at them. One woman was so drunk that we were standing in the wine only line and my daughter was holding her money and she asked her, “Oh, I’m sorry we’re you in line?” and she was serious. There were many kids and families there.

We also saw an old hootchie mama with a camel toe dirty dancing with some old man. Haha I think my daughter was scarred for life. She did the usual Ewww thing. We had a really good time. We spent $20 on lunch and $4 on drinks at the vineyard. Then I bought a bottle of wine for $22. Not a bad day… I have been specializing in finding cheap entertainment. Quality entertainment. Going to the movies isn’t quality time in my opinion because no socializing takes place during the movie. It’s ok if you want to see a particular movie, but for any other purpose it’s a poor choice of an activity intended for bonding. I have so many exciting activities planned in the next month! I’m going to start doing the things around Nashville that I’ve never gotten around to doing. Doing them with my daughter is even better. Here’s my list this far of places to visit/things to do:

Fontanel Mansion
Andrew Jackson’s home (the Hermitage) — was there for a field trip several years ago but would like to go with my daughter
Sam Davis home
The night market at the Farmers Market
The big monthly flea market downtown
Loveless Cafe
Children’s Science Museum
Country Music Hall of Fame
Opry Mills since it reopened
Bellevue Mansion
My daughter wants to see Graceland
So many more I can’t think of right now… Maybe even a Titans game!

They had a charity concert for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. And who performed? None other than Kix Brooks (of the former Brooks and Dunn) himself. Right before he sang his song about tattoos he pointed at me and said, “I like your ink. Bet that ain’t the only one you got is it?” My daughter was so excited that Kix Brooks talked to me! Here’s a good shot I got of him at the vineyard before the concert.


I must admit it was a good show. I drank one bottle of wine. It was a small bottle. I’m serious. I never felt better about buying a bottle of wine knowing it was going to the Children’s Hospital. We had some dealings with them when my daughter was young and I always hold them dear to my heart. Here are some clips I took of the concert:




I was going to upload some video clips from the concert but for some reason WordPress is telling me I have to pay to do that. In on my iPhone now. I will look into that further once I get to a PC. I’ve thought about moving my blog to tumblr. From what I understand though it’s not a great platform for blogging. I’ve also thought about changing the direction of this blog entirely. I’ve thought about getting my own domain. Now that my life has changed maybe I shouldn’t have it on the Internet that I was once a stripper. I’ve struggled with it. I know it sounds dumb but it’s a part if me. It’s my journey. My reminder. It’s raw, honest, and it’s me. It’s who I am. Taking it down would not be true to myself but succumbing to fear. It it may be setting myself for something really stupid down the road. I will keep it for now. Goodnight all!




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