He’s not unemployed… He has a job

22 06 2012


I had to share this guy with you. Every morning on my bus ride to work I see this guy standing downtown holding different signs. His quotes are usually entertaining and I look forward to seeing what he has written on his sign each day. One of my favorites was, “Common sense is an endangered species.” In case you can’t read his sign it in this picture, “It’s not easy making green.” Really? How would you know? Perhaps the people that give you “the green” could tell you all about it. I always wonder where this guy gets the markers, cardboard, and sign making supplies if he is homeless. I suppose he buys them with yesterdays green. However, I must applaud this gentleman. He stands on that corner faithfully and never misses a day of work. In all honesty, I wonder how much the sign holders make. Has anyone ever asked or have any knowledge of an approximate figure? I must admit that I cannot find it within myself to pity someone who holds a sign all day enough to give them a dollar. The only exception to that rule is if they are obviously missing a limb, their sight, or have another visible disability that could be an obstacle in the workforce. Yeah, I know that some disabilities are mental, but you can’t see those. In my mind if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Therefore, you gets no green!

I am planning our trip to New Orleans in November. I am so excited! I’ve always wanted to go. I am thinking of exercising Couchsurfing as an option for a place to stay. It seems safe enough if you find someone that’s verified, vouched for, and has good reviews. I would probably stay with a couple or a single woman. My husband will be with me so I am not too worried about safety. Besides saving money, another benefit to Couchsurfing seems to be the “local” experience. Instead of being pulled into tourist traps I would prefer to experience New Orleans as the locals experience it. It’s not the tourist traps that are unique. It’s the dive bars… The small, quaint restaurant whose outside appearance doesn’t do its food justice. The charming little paths in the alleys with flowers that sit undiscovered by tourists and are only found off the beaten path… This is what makes a city likeable or not. Other factors included are the personalities of the people who reside there, the history of the city, livability, climate, and its scenic beauty. Memphis, while not the safest city, is a city with a lot of character and fun to be had. I imagine New Orleans is the same way. Just a side note: There are many resources and things I come across myself that I would like to share with you. If I find something useful I will pass it along. I will mark them as RESOURCE TIPS.

RESOURCE TIP: Today’s resource tip is a website I found called bookit.com. The idea behind this site is to allow the user to book and put a deposit on a flight and/or hotel room, as well as other travel accommodations. You pay a $100 dollar fee at the time of purchase. The remaining balance is broken down into two payments in which bookit.com will automatically draft your bank account for on predetermined dates. Even better: There are no finance charges or interest rates calculated in your final price. This is a free service! You can find them at www.bookit.com.

This morning I almost moved my blog to tumblr. After looking around I decided I didn’t care for the platform they used to design it and it lacked some of the features I desire in WordPress. There were a couple reasons for considering this as a possibility. Number one was because I wanted to be able to access it from a variety of places. It’s not appropriate to access from certain places due to its content. Ultimately I felt I would be selling out because my blog is inappropriate. That’s just what it is. Period. So here we will remain. I find it’s a little time consuming to try to blog from my iPhone. I will continue to tough it out though… As long as I see you all continue to read.

Wednesday I went to a 3 Doors Down, Gretchen Wilson, & ZZ Top concert. It pretty much kicked ass. They all sounded great live. If you are fan of them go see them live.




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