2 09 2011

I have an old dating website that I had a profile on years ago. I was going to delete it once I got married, but realized it was way too entertaining to delete. When I am bored, I can go look at it. What do I mean by entertaining? Please refer to the examples below.

Now go ahead and tell me this guy isn’t butt ass ugly. Look at the teeth on that thing! Lawd have mercy… I can’t believe someone let him impregnate them. That is disgusting. You know what else he couldn’t keep up with? Me eating an apple…

Then there’s this guy:

Enough said…

It’s good to know if I had no other obligations in life besides digging gold and looking for prospects I could always go visit this guy:

I think not… I would rather be bored at home with my thumb up my a$$ than sitting by some pool sipping mojitos with this guy. God help him if he couldn’t find his Viagra.

This is why I keep my dating profile. To fuck with people. It’s what I do. Do I feel bad? Probably not…




One response

6 09 2011

I remember one of your old post’s had some more of the dating site stuff, one was from a guy that evidently was some sort of a pimp based out of the home of the blues it was fantastically hiliarious it is funny to see these gentlemen here also. Hope things are rocking for ya and look forward to more posts soon.

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