The weekend’s almost here!

24 06 2011

Good morning everyone! I am blogging from work (well, I am not going to have a job where I actually have to work). I will be moonlighting this weekend. At least one night. I really need to get on my grind. I have been very lazy and could have been making extra money. I have gotten comfortable where I am and that is not good. I have to keep telling myself there is never enough money. This evening I plan on relaxing at home and recharging. Tomorrow I will sleep in and go to the gym, then probably work. I like day shift now. I used to like night shift. Now I don’t like dealing with all the crazies that come out. Don’t get me wrong, they come out on both shifts. LOL

I have been looking around for another job during the past few weeks. Just putting out some resumes. I am fishing. The job I have is good now. I make good money but I am just seeing what else I can get into out there.

Other than that, nothing too eventful is happening. You will be hearing from me again soon. 🙂




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