Hangover…. :(

23 06 2011

I can tell I am getting older by the hangover I am sporting from last night’s escapades. I went to bed at eleven o’clock and am beat. I think I may go home early and rest today. We ended up spending aroudn $80 bucks. I recognize that’s not a huge amount but it probably could have went for something of more value than a hangover the next day. Oh well…. What do you do? Just try to do better in the future.

Phillip put some ads out in the local paper for a handyman. He is still working at his full time job, as am I. We are hoping this thing picks up and we can make it into a business. We had our first call yesterday which was very exciting. I will call the lady back today with the quote amount. Sometimes I feel rather guilty that Phillip works in the hundred degree heat (and yes, it’s been 100 degrees literally in the past few days) while I sit in the air conditioning behind a desk. Second thought, I don’t feel bad. However, I do recognize that it sucks to be him on these hot days.

I have been playing with Adobe Dreamweaver a bit. I am thiking about purchasing it and building my own website and moving this thing off of here. Instead of buying just the Dreamweaver software, I would like to purchase the whole Adobe creative suite. It costs quite a bit though. 😦 If anyone would like to contribute you may do so here.

***After I posted this I tried to post a HTML Paypal donation button but it wouldn’t accept the code. 😦 Keep an eye out though!

Remember there are a million reasons to contribute. The biggest reason is so I can get DreamWeaver and/or the Adobe Creative Suite. Number two, I’m SEXY! At least I’m not panhandling and asking for crack! I am using this money for something fun which brings me to point number 3. I entertain you! So just donate. It doesn’t have to be a lot. I would prefer it to be, but it doesn’t have to be. Even a little will help. Come on, put your mouse on the button, click it, and donate. You won’t miss $10. Or $1,000. Okay maybe you would, but donate what you can. Thanks! 🙂

Okay, I will be back soon. We are getting closer to the weekend and it’s sure to bring some craziness with it. Bye for now!




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