Good morning everyone!

22 06 2011

I am so excited that everyone viewed my blog yesterday! 🙂 I want to encourage you guys to leave comments and feedback about what you would like to see in the future. You guys are the reason I do this… I also do it to vent because I am an angry stripper b$tch! LOL

So I was wondering Z, are you out there? Do you still read my blog anymore? I checked your website and haven’t seen any new posts. Get with it man!

I was taking Phillip to work this morning and passed a mere shack of a bar. The sign out front said, “Early bird? We open at 7 am. Free pool on M and W.” Or something close to that. It made me laugh. I did take a pic but can’t upload it now because I am at work. I will soon though.

Since I have been trolling around the net lately I have come across a few very interesting (and some horrible) blogs. Some of them were ladies just like myself who have worked in this industry. Some were just downright funny! Here was a tweet that I liked, posted by one of my followers on Twitter:
“I’ll take a Belvedere and Voss please. With organic lemon. On the rocks. But only if the rocks are made of frozen Voss.” If I find anything else that is interesting I will be sure to share. I did come across Too Short’s Twitter account which is hilarious! Make sure you find it and follow it if you need a good laugh or two throughout the day.

Lately I have been trying to expand my blog but I am always conflicted. Can I say where I am located? How much of my personal life should I include? Should I keep it strictly focused on the subject at hand? What would you guys like to see? Should I post pictures of myself? Do I want picture of myself on the internet linked to being a stripper? In the age of technology, it is probable that it could come back to haunt me one day. I am not a blog extraordinaire so I want to emphasize again, please leave feedback!

The work week is almost over and I will probably be working this weekend. There is another thing I am conflicted about. I am 29 years old now. I have a decent job now and make around $40 K a year. Sometimes I want to quit and go back to my other job full time. I have decided that if anything happens with this job, that is what I will do. I am still a temporary at this job so we will see how everything pans out… On one hand it’s good to have the stability and steady paycheck. I think since the recession hit, dancing it not what it used to be. I would hate to think the grass is greener on the other side and be disappointed so I will stick it out here for now and work part time. Part time has meant nearly none lately. I haven’t been working that much in the past few months. I could always use more $$$ though!

I will definitely be posting again soon! Comments? Questions?

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One response

22 06 2011

Great to see you back on here girl! Look forward to all the new goodness that will be your blog in the future. Hope all is well. Steve

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