Productivity is key

20 01 2011

It is getting late and I have an interview early in the morning. I have an interview tomorrow at 8:30 am so I have to get up early and get ready. I can summarize today as being productive. I set up my interview. I cleaned the salt off the truck from that god awful snow from up north ***insert puke noise here***. This is hilarious… He told me very matter of factly that I had better return any belongings of his by mail. When I was going through the truck (Phillip never was good at keeping a vehicle clean) I found a pocket pussy still in the box. I’m going to be an asshole and mail it back to him. Guess he had bought it while we were apart. Imagine the people’s faces at the post office when I send this care package. It’s going to have some hand tools, two clips for a .45, some miscellaneous paper work, and a pocket pussy. I have to leave the gun clips in the car before bringing them in to ask if I can send them by mail. He’s lucky I’m nice enough to send his stuff back. A few years ago, maybe I wouldn’t have been so nice. I stopped by the store and got some stuff I needed, sent out some resumes, and got settled in. That was a good day. I also went to go look at an apartment but have decided for $675 a month I can rent a house.

I have got to go. Just wanted to update. You will be hearing from me soon…




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