Parting in such sweet sorrow… NOT!

15 01 2011

Well, he has done it again. I tried, people… I tried. Phillip has succeeded in pissing me off. He has treated me like shit – again. Now I remember why I left and know why I will be leaving again this coming week. I have saved up $930 and will get paid again on the 20th. I will have another $600. Phillip gets paid on Wednesday. I am going to take his check as well. That should be around $400. And I am taking the truck with me. He calls me trash, talks about my family, tells me to go back to South Carolina, he tells me that everything belongs to him (although I help pay for it)… I am going to show him. And this will be the last time.

I am in a custody battle over my daughter. I got some financial aid from school and because he wanted to be an asshole and go to jail, I spent $750 of the money I had set back on an attorney for him. He is such a waste and a piece of shit. He tells me he hates me. I have never felt so low in my life. I have to go back to South Carolina, get a job, and get myself established. I will have to strip at first but I HAVE to get a legit job. I have always had this fear of being alone. Now I am going to face it, do for myself, and be alone. I am totally capable of doing anything I want to do. I couldn’t rightly bring my daughter here and feel good about it. This is not a safe, secure environment for me or her. I’m going to fix this. I will keep you updated.




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17 01 2011

Good luck to you!

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