What I have been doing lately

6 11 2010

So I have been up to a lot. I left Tennessee back in July or August due to the fact that I was having a hard time finding a job and overall just wasn’t happy. I went back to South Carolina for a short time and stripped. I was missing Phillip a lot.

I came to Pittsburgh around the 17th of August. I have been here ever since. Phillip and I are back together after 10 months and I am not stripping. I have a job that I have been at since August 23rd. It is at a mortgage and title company. It’s not bad but not what I set out to do. Phillip and I have an apartment in the hicer section of Pittsburgh. I completed my Associate’s in May and just started my Bachelor’s program in Business Administration. Overall, I am happy. Being in the North is a little different but Pittsburgh has some of the nicest people I think I have ever met.

My life is pretty quiet now. But everywhere I go, there is drama. There is a girl who stays in our building who I suspect is on heroin. Phillip does not like her at all, nor does he appreciate her being around. A few weeks ago, on of our neighbors got his car broken into. The perpetrator took an iPod – so he claims. Then last weekend the girl who we suspect of being on heroin tried to sell us an iPod. My stance? I just stay the fuck out of it. I don’t want stolen property and I figure it’s best to keep my mouth shut about anything that I know. It’s pretty sad though because the girl was quite pretty and carries herself well. What a waste… But as I have learned over the years through trial and error with other strippers (yes, she is a stripper), you just can’t help these bitches. Our apartment building is quite colorful. Our landlord is an alcoholic. He neglects to fix things in the building that need fixing in a timely manner. Heroin girl confided in me that he pays her for sex. I am not shocked. He comes off like a trick. But he’s a pretty cool dude so we get along well. He’s an asshole and I’m a bitch. Other than that, I guess there isn’t much to update about.

Signing off till next time… Which won’t be long… I’m back bitches!




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