Guess where I am?

14 01 2010

In Tennessee. I came back the week of Christmas. Since my last post I have been in rehab/detox up until the week of Christmas. Rehab was quite an experience. I was in there with some laid back people. All we did was laugh. I attended some AA meetings and groups. I was at a really low point in my life. I am not going to go into too much detail as far as what has happened to me and Phillip because I would be typing all day and I have other shit to do. Let’s just say that Phillip was not there for me when I needed him. At all. I stand firm in my conviction that leaving him was definitely the best thing I could have done for myself however, I didn’t do it soon enough. My life is very peaceful now.

I am in the Nashville area. I am working about an hour out of the city due to the funky ordinances they have put in place the past few years. You now must get a permit to dance in Nashville. There’s a three foot law concerning customers and the stage. It just plain sucks. So I make the drive out of town only on the weekends now. I am looking for a job and have had one interview. I have put out tons of resumes and have not received that many calls. I have a pretty good resume too, even though it’s all bullshit. It’s also the time of the year when hiring is at it’s slowest. I know I will find something soon. I have a few fires burning.

I went on a date Sunday night. The guy was 41 or somewhere in his 40s. LOL You’ll never believe where I met him! On Craigslist. And no I was not posting an ad to escort. I always get on CL and look around at the casual encounters and rant and raves to amuse myself when I’m bored. Basically, the whole personal section. I came across this guy who as it turns out owns a cell phone company. He was really interesting and sweet. I enjoy talking to him. And to make things even better, he knows I’m not working except on weekends so he gave me $100. I didn’t even ask him to and no, I wasn’t throwing hints about how broke I was or selling him a pity story. His name is Eric. He is so friggin’ sweet. Not just because he gave me money either. I have been seeing him and kind of talking to another guy, which is acceptable because I’m not committed to anyone right now, nor do I want to be. So that’s my story. I’ve just been sitting around the house, saving money. I don’t go too many places and haven’t been drinking.

Anyways… That’s what is going on in my life. There are some other interesting things going on but I don’t have time to elaborate today. I will write again, not sure when. Toodles.




3 responses

17 01 2010

You seem much more peaceful in this post. I think you are moving in the right direction!

21 01 2010

Keep writing! Get that book started! I really like your style – it’s so fresh and tuned into your emotions. Go girl go! x

4 02 2010

Hey, train wreck, check my latest video. You could always be doing more for much less.

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