5 12 2009

Well, not much has changed. Phillip and I are still split up. He has called me a couple times but I haven’t really talked to him. I don’t understand what we have to talk about. I am sad however that things didn’t work out. I has made me question myself a lot. Am I the kind of person that needs to be in a relationship? Am I better off by myself? Am I not loveable? What is wrong with me? I know I’m not exactly normal. Perhaps it is me…

As for everything else… I am staying with a friend. I am so sick of moving. Phillip took the truck with him. He also took my phone charger which I will have to replace. I just feel like my life is broken right now. I am still in school but having problems getting a job due to some stuff that happened in 2005. Now I can’t even look for a real job because I don’t have a way to get there. This all sucks. I just want someone to love me and treat me right. I guess that’s funny considering I am a stripper. Nobody really sees me as a person. It seems I am just some novelty or something to be mistreated. I am sure things will get better for me. I am just having a cloudy day.




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3 01 2010

Hope your cloudy days get better 🙂 Anyman would be lucky to be your b/f – your blog is full of life and vitality. Keep it up and keep writing! Your voice is original and your tone fresh. Think about developing your blog into a book!

I’m a Limey from over in the UK, but have you read Jar Head or seen the mini-series Generation Kill? They have the kind of atmosphere about the Marines that you could think about. Just a thought!

Do feel free to drop me a note at anytime – I’m a wannabe writer myself, ploughing away in London town…

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