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9 08 2009

So Phillip went out of town this weekend. He was supposed to take his son home and then turn around and come home. Within a week it went from those plans to, “My friend’s mom is dying and she only has four months to live.” All of the sudden he had to go to Pittsburgh to go see her. I asked him to please not drink while he was up there. This is how irresponsible he is. He got his birth certificate and social security card in the mail. I told him to go down to the DMV and apply for a license like he has never had one before. He said he would. Then he called me and said he was on his way to Pittsburgh and that the line was too long. So he left without even attempting to get a driver’s license.

Then he got to Pittsburgh. I stayed behind to work. I called him when I was on my way to work, when I got there, and when I left. By that time he was drunk. He made a big production of talking shit to me in front of his cousin. He told me to shut up, fuck you, and other choice things he said that are too personal that I won’t repeat. I told him keep the truck, take over the payments, and stay in Pittsburgh. Then I disconnected his phone and froze the bank account. After all the phone is in my name and if I can’t get in touch with him on it, he doesn’t need it right? To make a long story short I am stuck now without transportation and I have to pay a babysitter. My trainer said I could use his car. My neighbors across the street are going to watch Kota for $30 a night. He thinks he is leaving me high and dry after I watched his kid all summer. Well, guess what? I always have a back up plan.

I have decided that he needs to come and get his shit. If he gives me any shit I am going to call the cops. Period. I put up with this bullshit before and I’m not doing it again. Read my lips — no more Phillip. I believe I am going to let my daughter finish out this school year here and make plans to move to Denver, Colorado. I have to visit first and find a good club to work at. That way Katie will have my mom and me. I graduate in February but have decided to go on to get my Bachelor’s degree in order to increase my income.

That’s pretty much all that’s going on tonight. I went to work. I didn’t drink. I was so pissed off and my attitude sucked so I didn’t make any money. I left and went to Waffle House. Some guy was like, “Do you want to go to Ray’s and have a drink?” I was like sure. I followed him about five miles and said fuck this. I just need to go home and this is too far away to be drinking and driving. So I turned around and headed home. This crazy mutherfucker started to follow me! I stopped at a red light and he pulled up next to me and tried to invite himself to my house! I told him no thank you. I noticed he was still following me so I pulled into a gas station and cussed him out. I checked myself when I left the gas station. I was in the clear. Whew… It wasn’t that serious.

As for everything else, I am going to be okay. I am not sad. I am not down. I am just staying on track and am going to work hard and stay sober so that I can handle my responsiblities accordingly. I have a lot hanging in limbo right now. I explained to my daughter that I will be working more and that she will have to be good for the babysitter so that Mommy can work. If not, Mommy won’t be able to pay the bills and we can’t be together. But I am planning on moving to Denver next year. I am signing off for tonight. I’m tired. I need to get my rest and take care of myself so that I can stay pointed in the right direction. Night.




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9 08 2009

Dam girl! I would say I am sorry to hear you finally dumped his ass, but it sounds like you probably did the right thing. You just be careful in dealing with all that. And I wish you th best in making the right decisions in whatever comes up over the coming months. Your right to just stay on track and make sure things are going the way they need to. And bravo for continuing your education even after you get your first degree. That is something that can never be taken away from you. And for dam sure if Paul stats giving you any shit, call the cops. I mean you have been through too much shit, and don’ deserve having to go through anymore bullshit than you already have. Anyways hope thing go ok and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.We Will See You Soon.

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