5 08 2009

This is ME!!!


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Okay… I’m drunk and have been let loose with a keyboard. I go into so much detail in my blogs that I don’t feel I have to do this this time. But if you can follow me it will make sense. Got into a fight with Phillip.  The origin…

Him and I got into a “disagreement”. While he was mad at me my daughter was eating in the kitchen and she ran and jumped on the couch. The next thing I heard? “You know better. What are you trying to do, piss me the fuck off?”  Anybody that knows me or has ever read my blog will tell you, “Ah, hell nall.” I told Phillip, “That’s not your daughter to yell at. That’s MY daughter.” I don’t mind if he disciplines her. I think he should be firm and that he is an authority figure in the household. But that tone was totally unecessary. First of all you don’t yell at her. Number two you don’t cuss at her. He said, “Well, you do.” I said, “Exactly. I do and she came from me.” But again, she’s not your child. First of all she is the child and you are the adult. If you can’t handle yourself as such then you need to leave. To make a long story short I was on the phone with my mother while Phillip came in talking shit. My mother still has custody of my daughter. Then he told me that he was going to turn me into the IRS. Then he told me that he was going to take me off his DEERS (med. insurance) through the ARMY. Then he tried to take the truck keys from me after I had made the payment! I will explain it to you like this…

While I am on the phone with my mom and you try to come in and talk shit you are telling me one thing. That means that you don’t give a fuck if I am with my daughter or not. Now you have moved your position to a partner to a liability. I don’t care how mad I was at someone… There are some things that you don’t do. The only way I would get REAL DIRTY is if someone had cheated on me or hit me. It’s like if I am not with him he wants to ruin my life. He’s a snake. We are two different people who live our lives by two different codes. We stayed up all night arguing until the next morning. I don’t have time for this bullshit. And that’s exactly what it is… Bullshit. I don’t NEED you. He makes $521 a week. As of now we have agreed to work things out but in my head I just took more time to figure out how to fuck him over. Let him cry like he was in the living room. “Fuck ya.” And that’s that.

I went to work tonight. It was shitty. I think it was because I got drunk. But hey… It’s okay. I don’t need Phillip. I need my money and daughter more than I need him.

That’s about all I have to say about that. The situation between Paul and I can NEVER be repaired. I am drunk and I don’t feel like talking any more. Night.




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5 08 2009

There absolutley no excuse to ever ever yell at an 8 year old little girl like that. And you dam sure do not cuss at little girl if she is not yours. prefrably at all but I mean you get my point right ? First off people who have a maturity level that would be expected of an adult do not treat other peoples kids like that. I don’t know how anyone could fathom that it is ok to yell at a little girl, then threaten you by taking away goddam health care from you. Then to top it all of try to steal tuck keys from you, a truck that I am reasonabley certain you have made all the payments. I mean Alicia that is some total bullshit and you do not deserve to be treated like that at all! I am all for you sitting back in the cut and waiting pounce on him with some payback that his ass can’t handle, you just be careful, and don’t take any shit from him at all. And congrats on those grades even while all this bullshit is going on. You keep working on that, and don’t give up. You are a strong woman, and you deserve the best my dear. Keep your head up, and do what you have to do and make that paper. And add to the laying the smackdown on him, stop paying anything of his that you don’t need for your survival or your little girl. We will see you soon girl.

8 08 2009

I think you said it best when you said he moved from a partner to a liability. Take care of yourself and your daughter, fuck everyone else. I would tell paul to shove his health insurance up his ass, you can afford your own policy. Don’t let him keep you down.
Good job on the grades!

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