Internet’s back!

24 07 2009

So I’m finally settled in my new house. I really like it. Although the kids are driving me up a fucking wall. It’s worse than dealing with drunks. My husband and I have been arguing frequently. I’m considering running away from home. I sit there and giggle picturing what they would do without me. Luckily, we’ll be taking one home soon and the other will start school. I can’t wait.

I went to hell tonight. Didn’t make a fortune. Two hundred bucks isn’t bad for two hours.

I hired a personal trainer to get my butt back in shape. I updated my iPhone and am really pissed off. It fucked my phone up. I can’t receive text messages and it’s been doing some weird stuff like turning itself off and on.

Besides that nothing else exciting is happening in my life. Phillip got a raise. He’s up to fifteen dollars and hour. About fucking time. I finally have my internet up and running. Now I can give you bloggage. Yay! I must admit I have been quite busy lately. I am wrapping up another quarter of school and my final projects are due by Sunday. I expect to get a B in both classes. I’ll be glad when February comes so I can take a break from all this homework and have a life again.

I’ll be blogging again sometime next week after I finish my finals. Just didn’t want to leave everyone disappointed. Toodaloo.




One response

26 07 2009

She blogs again!!! I feel you on running away, but unless your gonna go totally underground with no social, credit cards ect. They will find you everytime. But who knows maybe your gonna do the whole hermit in the woods deal on the otherside of a mountain down in a hollow. You could meet some of your other hermit peers and play banjo by the moonlight it would be awesome!!! But I digress too much. It is good to see you back on here. I have been working like a field hand lately, but when your in the rat race, kind of hard to jump out of it ya dig ? And keep those posts coming, we all out here on the web certainly enjoy hearing about the awesomeness that is this blog. We will see you soon.

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