If You’re Wondering Which Club I Work At…

29 04 2009

So I worked for a few hours on Saturday night. I went in at about 11 and left at about 4 a.m. I did okay but not as good as I hoped. I think it was because me and this other girl decided to do doubles. For those of you that don’t know what that means, it’s the theory that it’s easier to sell a dance with four tits instead of two. It usually works out okay. We tell the guy that we’re going to give him two songs, two girls for $80. In reality we end up doing one song a piece while the other one sits there. It works out well except for the fact that it’s not as easy to get someone to rip $80 out of their wallet as it is $40.

Recently I have been receiving some emails from readers interested in dancing at the club I work at. Let me start off by saying this… The club I work at has anywhere from 100 – 200 girls working on the weekends and anywhere from 30 – 70 girls at night. Everyone knows what type of environment they do well in. Some dancers don’t like to work in clubs that run a lot of girls. If so, this club is not for you. In addition, if you are  not an aggressive dancer who really comes to work to make money (not the kind of girls that think $200 is a good night, “If I can just make enough to pay my phone bill, I will be alright”, type of mentality) this club is not for you. The girls that come from the chain I work at are very aggressive, pushy, and don’t take no for an answer and if you are not as aggressive they will steal your customer and work circles around you. So if you are not a “hustler” this club is not for you. If you don’t like to give full contact dances, this club is not for you. This is not a club where you dance in front of them and the bouncer stands there waiting to reprimand them for touching you. Most of the inquiries I have received realize after talking to me that this is not a club they choose to work at. Besides, why would I want to tell someone where I work so there are more people working there? I am not going to benefit from it so why should I share? So if you have been waiting for an email regarding this information… It’s not coming. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

I am going back to work tonight. I will blog again tomorrow. I just wanted to put something down since I haven’t written this past weekend. See you soon!




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7 05 2009

Good to see a post. Hope your doing well keep your head up and the stories coming.

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