Mothers Killing Their Own Children: A New Phenomenon

23 04 2009

I stayed home from work tonight. Phillip and I went out and had “date night”. You know, where we act like we’re going on a date but we’re really not. We went to Texas Roadhouse and then to see Fast and the Furious 4. I wasn’t impressed. The plot was weak. Most of those movies after the first one generally were. You don’t really have to have a brain to watch or even understand the plot. Those movies are basically eye candy. Girls dressed like strippers and fast, souped up cars. Gee, that’s a new concept in America. New marketing scheme: Tits and muscle cars. It’s actually a shame that everywhere you look now there’s sex. Beer commercials, billboards, movies, music, books, magazine covers, clothing, and so on. I realize it’s how I make my living but I’m making money off of it. What about the horny people that are part taking in it? It’s a damn shame. I was watching something on the Comedy Channel the other night and I swear to you they said “Fuck” on cable television. It wasn’t a movie channel. It was regular cable that your kids watch. What is the world coming to? You can’t even send your kids to public school for a day without worrying the teacher is going to abduct/molest/physically abuse your child. Or that the child won’t get bullied to the point of suicide. Of course it’s become quit popular in America to shoot up schools. Kids now just bring guns to school. Then you have to worry about the pedophiles lurking around the places where kids would be after school. Crosswalks, bus stops, trolling down the road at 8 mph while they gawk at your kids. Women are on tv killing their own kids. Sandra Cantu was killed by her Sunday school teacher. WTF?
That brings me to another question… Have we always had women sociopaths (and I don’t mean a sex industry worker) or are they just now starting to emerge? There seems to be a growing trend ever since the woman killed her kids a few years ago by letting them drown. Her name escapes me but I want to say it happened in Texas. What is happening in our society that is causing these women to behave like this against their own children? I am surprised nobody else has brought it to the public’s attention.
Well, enough philosophy from me tonight. I am going to try to go to bed. My sleep schedule is so messed up now. I’m like an insomniac. When I lay down all I do is think about what I need to be doing. I feel restless. When I wake, it’s hard for me to go back to sleep. If I lay down in the middle of the day intending to take a nap you can forget it. Why does this happen? Does anyone else have that problem? Is it part of being nocturnal or years of sleep deprivation? Past alcohol consumption? Well, guess I am turning it in for the night.




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23 04 2009

Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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