Sundays Will Keep Me Sober and Out of Trouble

26 01 2009

I have two things to say: Now I remember why I don’t work Sundays and I’m still sober. That pretty much sums it up. I will probably work on Sundays anyways though because it keeps me out of trouble. Keeps me from drinking. I didn’t have a spectacular night at work but it was an easy night. Slow nights always suck because once you’ve made your track around the room and talk to everyone the only options you have are to wait for new ones or harass the old ones again. I think I may have met someone that will be a regular customer. He’s 19 and his name is Zack. He said that he was coming back to see me on Saturday. I am pretty sure he will too. This weekend coming up is payday weekend for the military so it shows promise.

I didn’t do anything but sit around the house today. I didn’t make it out of my pajamas. I wore them to work. Then I changed into my dance clothes, worked, and changed right back into my pajamas. When I got off work I went to Wal-Mart. I had to get some fruit, egg whites, and such. I have been eating a lot of oranges lately. And not the little ones. Oh, no. The big Florida oranges. They make a convenient, non-perishable snack when I’m at work too. Now that I quit drinking I am going hard into working out more and clean eating.

When I got off work some guy that I know from the club saw me walking out. He asked me if I was going to stay and have a drink. I said no but he could get me a water. He laughed and said he had a water — in his pants. I put my hand right in front of his face. I told him that first of all, I was off the clock and second of all I didn’t know why he was even talking to me when I got dressed because he damn sure didn’t want a dance when I was on the floor. He tried to apologize. I just cut him off and told him I didn’t want to talk to him. Then he attempted to speak again and I told him to leave me alone. There weren’t any real douchebags in there tonight. At least not that I encountered. That’s all I have for now. Sorry there’s nothing too exciting. But we all know that customers will be customers and they are bound to fuck up soon so I’m sure I will have something interesting to write about.

I have one more thing… I passed my last two classes! I got a B+ in my science class and a C- in my computer class. I kind of struggled in the second class but I passed. It brought my GPA down from a 3.5 to a 3.1 though which sucks. I have plenty of time to bring it back up though. I am staying true to my word and concentrating on my priorities. Well, I need to hit the sack and unwind with some t.v. There will be no song or pic for today. You know why? Becuase I fucking said so. Later, asswipes!




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