Jealousy is a Mutherfucker

14 10 2008

Today’s song is to the ugly bitch that felt inferior and was so threatened by me though she didn’t even know me. I am flattered…


So I am pretty drunk right now. I dealt with some real tools tonight. It sucked. 

I watched a fight almost go down between two strippers. One girl accused another girl of sucking a customers dick. They were both skinny bitches and they threatened to hit one another. I was down in the manager’s office paying out when the chaos started. The skinnier girl told the other girl that she saw her with the head of a customer’s dick outside her pants. The “whore” claimed she had been working there for a long time and that she wouldn’t do something like that. Then our manager yelled at them (which by the way was great) and told them both to shut the fuck up. I haven’t seen him that mad since he fired me! He told me to get out of the office so he could deal with the situation. I offered him ten extra dollars which he gladly accepted. Then I watched the fight go down. It was awesome.

Earlier in the night some dumb ass young blonde girl tried to come sit with my customer while I was sitting there! I told her that we were talking at the time but I would be glad to come find her when we were done. She continued to sit there. I have a bad temper so I sat there for about three minutes and regrouped. Then I told her, “Bitch, I must look weak to you.” She acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about. I told her I didn’t know how long she had been dancing but sitting with a customer while another girl was sitting there is grounds for an ass whooping. She went to the manager and we had to go down to the office. I hate 18 year old bitches.

My neighbor called the cops on me the other day. It started like this: She claimed someone keyed her car. Automatically since we’ve had an altercation, it must be me. So she knocked on my door and gave me an opportunity to “confess”. I slammed the door in her face. Then I got kind of pissed that she had the nerve to knock on my door when she always claims she is scared of me. So I went down to her apartment and knocked on her door five minutes later. When she came to the door I exlained to her that there is absolutely not reason whatsoever for her to ever knock on my door at any time for any reason and if she persisted to do so that I would issue a restraining order against her. When I was walking away she directed me to go into my apartment. I told her that I lived there too and that she could not make me. Actually I told her, “Why don’t you come make me bitch?” So she threatened to call the cops. I laughed and said, “What are you doing to tell them? That you told me to go in my apartment and I didn’t.” So I stood outside. Then I thought it would be fun to fuck with her so I started walking towards her car rather aggressively like I intended to do something to it. So she ran in the apartment and grabbed a taser gun and came out and posted up on the side of her car. She called me a bitch. I told her to go get her teeth fixed. Then I told her she always antagonizes me and talks shit but when the police comes she acts innocent. She told me to go back upstairs and let Phillip beat me some more. Phillip has never hit me. I am the only one that does the hitting in that relationship. I told her, “That’s just how fucking stupid you are. Just dumb. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. You’ve got to be the dumbest bitch I’ve ever met in my life.” Then I called her a country bitch. She said she wasn’t even from the country. I told her she has the simple mentality of a country ass, ignorant bitch. The whole time I am thinking to myself, “If she comes towards me with that taser gun I am going to pop my trunk and get my tire iron.” So I sat on my car (which was parked next to her car) until the cops came. They thought the whole incident was stupid. They asked her, “Why am I here?” I explained to the cop that she was crazy and mentally unstable. I explained that she constantly calls the cops on me as a means of inimidation instead of out of necessity. The cops took a report. She said I threatened her, which I never did. I was actually very careful NOT to threaten her because I know how she is. I went downtown to get an order of protection on her. The judge denied it. We have a court date on the 17th. I am going to tell the judge I am tired of being harassed and stalked and that I simply want to live at my residence in peace. I like fucking with her. It makes me smile. She is dumb and easy to manipulate. I will keep you posted.

I spent the weekend in *******, SC. I did well. I got off work at 4 a.m. Sunday morning and woke back up at 8 a.m. to drive to Jacksonville, NC for some personal business. I tried to work up here. I went to a club called The Cave. It was an alright club. The manager told me to return Monday for work which I did. I did a few dances and he said they weren’t hiring at this time. I suspect the other girls were complaining about me being there because I was definitely getting dances which only benefits the club since they take a certain amount out of every dance.  So I got dressed to leave and there were some Marines in the club who offered to buy me a beer. I obliged. Then I guess one dancer got jealous and came and tried to cut me off while we were talking to ask him if he wanted a dance. He refused. Then the manager called me back in the D.J. booth and told me not to work. I was already dressed in my street clothes and I explained to him that we were just conversating. While we were talking, she came over there and said, “Did you just call me a bitch?” I honestly didn’t say anything like that. I just laughed at her which made her more mad. She was obviously well into her thirties and was being jealous which just made her look bad. To be honest, I was flattered. That lets me know that other dancers look at me and instantly get jealous regardless of if they know me or not. The manager even told her, “She didn’t say bitch at any point in the conversation.” I would have gotten mad but since she looked like an old crack whore, I felt she was beneath me. For some reason since it was coming from her it didn’t make me mad at all. Jacksonville thinks their clubs are the shit. I have never even heard of any of these clubs. I have worked at Deja Vu, The Men’s Club, Platinum Plus, Penthouse, Madonna’s, The Pony, Christie’s Cabaret, etc. These clubs are generic. They make you make a schedule. Dances are $25 and you only get $15. Was I upset that they told me I couldn’t work? Hell no. Back to Fayetteville and ******* where you keep all your dance money and they have champagne rooms with no schedule required. Some clubs think they are more than they really are. I have news for them.

So that was my week in a nutshell. Exciting huh? I need to blog more often. So much stuff happens in between that it would take forever to go into details. I am going back to Fayetteville tomorrow. Till then…




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16 10 2008

This yahoo neighbor of yours had better check herself. She is loony tunes for sure. Keep your head up and it will drive her even more nuts than she already is. she is probably just a jealous hater. Take care and good luck with everything.

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