Do you believe in pork burgers?

5 10 2008

Song of the day — To Phillip… I miss you.

So Phillip is gone. He left Friday. I stayed up most of Thursday night crying and stressing out. I knew he was leaving but it didn’t really hit home until Thursday night. I didn’t want to go to sleep because I didn’t want to miss any time with him… Although he was asleep. Ever feel like that? So Friday I saw him off and went home and took a nap. I was in such a shitty mood when I went to work I just sat around for like three hours which is very uncharacteristic of me. I never do that. I ended up leaving with a measly $150. But I did pay out like $120. A fee for selling X amount of showtimes, $20 for not working a Sunday through Wednesday or whatever, tip to management, house fee, and $20 to the DJ. Shitty huh?

But I rested today and returned and left with over $700. Nothing exciting happened. Except for this stupid Korean girl. I recently lost twenty pounds. She asked me, “How did you do it?” I explained that I didn’t really “diet” but that I watched what I ate and hired a personal trainer. She went to elaborate — her mom and sisters always eat noodles but they don’t fill her up. “I like to eat hamburgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken.” I told her eating too much beef is not an effective way to lose weight. She said, “I don’t eat beef.” I said, “If you eat hamburgers, you eat beef.” She said, “Oh, I thought they were pork.” I decided after that I would never talk to her again because she is too fucking stupid. Every time I look at her a voice inside my head says, “I don’t eat beef.” Or it says, “I like to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and fried chicken.” Then when I went in to work today I saw her sitting in the chair with a triple Whopper and a box of fries justa munchin’ away. I thought to myself, “Do you really think you need a triple Whopper and fries?” I am going to buy a shirt that says, “Beef — It’s what’s for dinner.” And wear it at work. Or tip her with a Whopper. Hell, if a customer wanted to date her all he’d have to do is ask her out to the local soul food joint. Bribe her with plenty of mac and cheese. Promises of potatoes and creamy gravy lava. I mean, if you’re going to dance you should at least make an attempt to care about your body and appearance. Not to mention your health in general. What a tool.

Anywho… Nothing else has really changed. I am still excelling in my scholastic pursuits. I found out I actually graduate in September instead of March. I am still looking forward to moving back to Tennessee when Phillip returns.

Oh, yeah… Friday I was supposed to meet up with someone who reads the blog. That person didn’t show Friday night. Don’t want to mention any NAMES… I am sure they had a good reason. Guess I will sign off for tonight. I need to get some sleep. All that lap dancing just wears me out… Good night and I hope all of you had a good weekend. Enjoy the weather before it gets too cold. Today’s song is dedicated to Phillip… I wish time would pass more quickly.




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7 10 2008

I believe in the magical power of pork burgers LOL! That hast to be one of the most classic things I have read on here thus far. So I bet her ideal person to date, would be a owner of a Burger King, then she could have all the pork burgers she wanted! Hope your doing well and stuff continues to go well with school.

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