Sluts That Call Strippers Whores…

16 09 2008

I dedicate this to the slut from last night…



As you can see, I made some changes to the page. I thought it was time to update a little bit. And from this point on I am going to select songs that you can listen to while you are reading my blog. I will select songs according to my mood. Music is can make you feel many things. What better way to express yourself?

Well, I worked Saturday night. I left early. I have zero motivation these days. I went out with Phillip. We hung out, had a few beers, and went home. Sunday was pretty uneventful. Phillip and I laid around the house all day watching movies and eating pizza. Fun.

Last night — not so uneventful. It all started when Phillip asked me if I wanted to go out with him and some of the guys in his unit for a sake. We all know what happens when I drink. So we met them at the restaurant. After a large carafe or whatever the hell they serve sake in, we decided to go to a local strip club. I don’t go to the one I work at anymore because I don’t want to get fired on my night off like last time. So we went to a shitty hole in the wall called Mickey’s. We were having a good time. However, there was a girl in the group. She is part of their platoon. I don’t know if that is how you spell that. She was kind of flirty with Phillip. I didn’t like it. So I drank more hoping it wouldn’t bother me. I was drinking shots of Patron. I know I had at least five to eight shots and a few beers. The whole ignoring the issue thing — didn’t work for me. Somehow (I was told) I obviously attacked her, head butted my boyfriend, took off my high heel and beat him in the face with it, got kicked out of the strip club, drove the wrong way down the road, and made his nose bleed, and not in that order. Then the girl called me a whore.

Okay. Let’s get one thing clear. It’s pretty fucking hard to offend me. Seriously… I am immune to being called a whore. If there was an immunization made, I was injected. I honestly don’t care if people call me a whore. I mean what are you going to do? Talk about my job? Call me a bitch? A slut? Fat? That’s all been done. I want people to be more creative when they get mad. Call me broke or something. Now that may actually get a rise out of me. Tell me I am going to be doomed to the titty bar until I am too old to wipe my own ass. That may hurt.

The same bitches that call me a whore will get drunk and go home with a random guy from the bar after they have paid for all their own drinks. FOR FREE! They are the same bitches that give their boyfriends lap dances at the club. They WISH they had the balls to strip. When they are at work at Wal-Mart, I am grinding their boyfriend’s cock for twenty bucks that they probably gave him before he went out. At least I try to capitalize on the fact that I am a woman instead of spreading my legs to everyone so the whole community can laugh at me. If you’re going to be a slut, why not get paid for it? If you want to flirt, grind, dress provocatively, tell lies, and in general act like a slut, I know someone that will pay you! The girl that called me a whore spent her evening getting drunk and flirting with five guys while grabbing their asses. One of them I suspect is a sexual predator. I have good reason to think so. I am around men often and there are some things about him that just aren’t normal. But that’s another post. She has a boyfriend back home but is playing strip poker in the barracks with the G.I.’s. But I am a whore? You silly girl. Then she told me I was ugly and she didn’t see how I made any money. That is so obviously false that I am not even going to address it. Then Paul said some things to me that really were low blows. I understand that I was wrong for beating him with my high heel and head butting him. I must have really hurt his feelings because he really hurt mine. When we got home (again I don’t remember this) I grabbed a knife and cut my arm open. Now I have a big gash in my arm that needs stitches. I am not going to the doctor because I have mental health issues in my past that may cause me to be hospitalized. Actually I am absolutely positive they would hospitalize me. So here I am… I used to be a cutter. It’s been a long time. I guess old habits are hard to kick.

I really scared Phillip though. So for the final time — I am done drinking. Tried, tested, and true… I can not drink. I am surprised Phillip stays with me through all of this. I don’t know why he does. It’s not like I give him money. I don’t buy him anything. I often wonder why he doesn’t leave my crazy ass alone. I know I have issues. He is patient with me through everything. I guess that’s why I love him. He’s like a mainstay. He’s loyal, dependable, and he puts up with my bullshit. Now I have to work on treating him better so I don’t lose him…

You know what kills me? When you are a stripper everyone smiles at you. They think you’re so pretty and they kiss your ass. The guys all drool over you. Every time you walk away you can feel them burning a hole in your ass with their eyes. It’s all okay. Until someone gets mad. Then you are the biggest whore in the world. Do people really think that no one has ever done this to a stripper? It’s actually expected. The first thing someone is going to do when they get mad is to call you a whore. They are jealous. They start that fucking, “I’m a saint bullshit.” Guess what? You can’t bullshit me. There are people that don’t strip that do way worse shit than I do. “Oh, you’re a whore and my pussy is so virginal. Wanna see it? It’s got a white wedding dress on right now, don’t you pussy?” Please bitch. You probably can’t remember the names of everyone you slept with in the last week. I am glad I am fortunate enough that people do pay me for my time. The girl that called me a whore was so ugly I wouldn’t have her stuffed up my ass. Anyways… I selected a song for this post. I hope you enjoy it. I am going to be in Tennessee this weekend. I am leaving Thursday and coming back Sunday. This is the whore signing off until next time…




2 responses

18 09 2008

Right on with the song choice. That girl, just jealous hater, that would not have the guts to be in the club. Hope your doing well.

19 09 2008

Keep your head up you know that your beautiful. I must say that instead of beating your boyfriend you should have kicked her ass. That would have made you feel much better. People should know not to fuck with you!!

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