Finally went back to work… Again…

13 09 2008

\”Paper Plate\” by M.I.A.

Wow… I have been really lazy lately! I went back to work last night. I made decent money. I made most of my money off a young guy named Adrian. He was cool and respectful during our dances. He was also good conversation. Last night was easy sailing.

I guess I have nothing exciting to report. When I got back one of the girls informed me that one of our shot girls got drunk and was outside the club the previous night puking into her newly purchased breasts held up by none other than her low cut top. That was a pretty good laugh. When she walked by I said her name and when she looked I acted like I was dry heaving just to be an asshole.

Skeletor fucked with me a little bit last night. I lined up first in line for showtime and she ran to the front of the line and cut. I didn’t give a fuck honestly. All she did was put her ugly mug before mine and make me look better. “See here we have extremely’s. The first one, standing seven foot eleven, weighing in at two hundred pounds is — Skeletor. Making her look like a toddler, behind Skeletor we have the extremely beautiful — Alicia.” Not that I am extremely beautiful but when the crowd sees her face as the first option I am sure they would be grateful to see Jack Black following immediately behind her to alleviate any concerns they may have had about the quality of girls the club hires. Dumb bitch.

Other than that no interesting new news. Still keeping up in my school work, working out, and avoiding the club as much as possible. Hey, I’m broke but I’m happy. I never thought I would say that. You know, if I read back to my first post and see how I have evolved since then I am actually pleased. I see evidence that I am starting to pull my head out of my ass which is always a positive thing.

I may work tomorrow. I will definitely be back by Monday. I included a song on here I really like. I like the meaning. So I guess that’s all. If you just can’t get enough of my awesome tales you can always come see me at the club. You know where to find me. Later, bitches.




2 responses

16 09 2008

With every picture you post on here you keep getting hotter!! Keep up the good work!!!

16 09 2008

Good Post:

I will have come down there in a few weeks for my 30th. Take care.

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