Finally went to work…

5 09 2008

Last night I went back to work! I had a good night. I did well with little aggravation. One guy aggravated me. We were dancing in the back and he kept telling me how to dance. He was like, “Do what that girl there is doing.” But he said it with a really redneck accent. Then he asked me if he could be the one to unzip my outfit. I damn near had to slap his hands to get them away from my zipper. I was mentally rolling my eyes and kicking his testacles while we danced. I thought to myself, “If you know how to give such a good lap dance why don’t you go shave your legs and get to work?” Then he told me to slap him in the face. I know he meant with my tits but he aggravated me so bad I had to play dumb. I hit him with an open hand. Hard. And then I pretended to be as dingy as Paris Hilton. Like I didn’t know. Yeah, right. Then after all that aggravation he handed me just enough for the dance. No tip. Then he wanted to hug me after the dance. I don’t mean a normal hug. I mean a two minute, smash my face in his chest, make all my makeup come off, ass grabbing hug. That fucking enraged me. I wanted to shove him. So in summary, he bossed me while I did my lap dance, copped cheap feels, was perverted, crude, and wanted to feel me up afterward even though he didn’t tip. Fucking unreal. Where do these people come from? Again, I don’t hate customers. He was a little excessive and annoying.

I had another guy come in and he took care of me. He wanted me to bite his chest through his shirt. Of course, I am too much of a germaphobe to bite anyone’s bare skin. We went back twice. He ended up giving me close to $300 or $350 over those two sessions. He was respectful and quite nice actually. The biting thing… Not so weird. At least it didn’t include feces or urine. I guess everyone has different things that turn them on. He didn’t waste my time or lead me on, he was polite, and didn’t try to cop cheap feels. Our conversation flowed naturally and I felt comfortable with him. Those are the best kinds of customers. Then I danced for another guy who got one dance for $20 and tipped me $20. I thought that was nice. Then his friend did the same. It felt kind of good to get back to work.

I am really excited to graduate! March is going to be here soon. I just finished my first block of classes. I recieved an 98% in one class. I haven’t recieved my final grade for the other one. She hasn’t graded my final project yet which was a PowerPoint presentation. It counts for a third of my final grade. Without that included my grade is presently an 86%. I will keep you posted.

I have been working out more. I feel great! I haven’t been drinking as much. I drank a little bit in Florida but that was it. I feel better since I’m not getting wasted all the time.

I didn’t work tonight. Phillip is getting deployed soon so I am spending time with him. I will go back to work on Monday though. I am going to start taking weekends off. Except for military pay day weekends. Football season is coming up soon so I will be going to ********* to work after some home games like Georgia, Tennessee, etc. Phillip and I are still doing well. I feel comfortable with him. He is really good to me. I posted a pic of me and him at the top when we went to Florida. Well, signing off for the night. Stay tuned. Like I always say…. There’s more of where this shit came from.




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