Sunny Panama City Beach

31 08 2008

I am writing to you tonight from Panama City Beach, FL. I am absolutely in love with Panama City Beach. This place is so cool. I was going to work Thursday night. What’s his face and I have been dating for a couple months now. The only reason I call him what’s his face is because I didn’t use his real name in my last post and I can’t remember what I called him. I could look and see but that would be work. I am pretty serious about him so I let him meet my dad. We left Thursday night at about 1 a.m. I drove all night. We arrived in Nashville, Tennessee about 8 or 9 a.m. Then we left straight from there and came to Panama City Beach. We are visiting some friends of the family. We are at this really cool hotel called the Sandpiper. It rocks. We drank a little last night. Today we got up early. We went out to the beach, rented a jet ski, tanned, cruised the strip, and had dinner at a seafood restaurant. I absolutely love it here. It is so nice. Panama City is supposed to get some hurricane activity. They don’t know how much yet. It is irrelevant to me because we are leaving tomorrow. I will be back in hell on Tuesday. I hate Fayetteville. I am going to move in the next six months. Now that I will have the skills to get a real job… I can go anywhere! The possibilities are endless. I will either go to Nashville, TN to be with my dad or to Panama City Beach, FL. He is thinking of buying a home down here to retire. I may come occupy it for him.




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