Just to Clarify…

7 08 2008

So here I am… Getting ready for a big ole Thursday coming up. I have been really aggravated lately because the money at my club has been really shitty. You wouldn’t understand this unless you are a dancer, but the more bad nights you have in a row, the more discouraged you are when you hit the floor the next day. Then you have a negative attitude. It’s a terrible downward spiral that can only be cured by having a few terrific or at least average nights.

So I got a personal trainer and have been working out with him. I have seen improvements in my body, which in turn has caused improvements in my money. I am doing well in school. My classes are eight weeks long. The first two are almost over. I have a 98% in one and a 89% in the other. I got kind of pissed about one of my assignments. My assignment was supposed to be 200-300 words. I had points deducted becuase I had 309 words. I thought that was a fucking guideline. Excuse me! I am really excited about that financial aid check! I will be financial aid rich!

Before I go any further, let me address something that obviously needs to be addressed so it is not misconstrued. Ready?


I dislike morons who can’t carry a conversation past, “You really have some nice tits.”

I dislike douche bags who think they are better than me. I dislike people who assume that because I am a stripper they can somehow get over on me. They get the misconception that I am stupid and are surprised to find out I can actually carry on a decent conversation.

I dislike idiots who think because I am a stripper, I am also an easy fuck. Newsflash: There is nothing particularly special about YOU that is going to make my pussy drip and make me want to tear your clothes off in a beast like manner. I appreciate you buying dances. However, I have seen many men in my five or so years of dancing. I have seen some FINE men. They didn’t get the pussy and you aren’t either.

I dislike people who come into the establishment that I spend 30+ hours a week in and make my job difficult. They come intending to be a prick to the dancers. Dude, that’s what your wife is for. Speaking of such—I sat down with a customer last week. I asked him, “Where are you from?” He said he was from around. I giggled and asked him if it was a secret. He said, “I just don’t like answering questions. I had to talk all day.” I said, “If you come into the strip club and people don’t already know you, how do you think they are going to get to know you?” Duh!!! You retarded fuck! Excuse me for doing exactly what you came here for. I know, I am such a bitch. The nerve of me…

I dislike young G.I.’s who don’t know how to handle their alcohol and are disrespectful.

I dislike customers who expect hand jobs, blow jobs, and finger fucks in lieu of their precious, hard earned twenty dollars.

I dislike idiots who try to convince you they have no money and then go dance with the most hideous girl in the building. It appears they were on an actual quest to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

I dislike people who tell you they are going to get a dance. Then they fuck you around and don’t.

I dislike customers who tell you repeatedly to come back later. If you don’t want a fucking dance, just say it. I would much rather you tell me no than waste my time.

I dislike asking a group of three, “Who is ready for a dance?” while they all point at each other and giggle. But I have found the remedy for this : ). I simply say in a nice, sweet mommy’s voice (to make them feel like the little idiots they are), “Okay, now let’s all be big boys and speak for ourselves. Would you like a dance?” Ask then one by one. When they have all replied simply say, “Thank you.” Smile and walk off. They feel like idiots.

I HATE IT WHEN customers who think they should get a lap dance discount. If the price is twenty then pay twenty like everyone else.

I dislike customers who get dances and claim they “didn’t know they had to pay”. It is few and far between, but it gets you to the point where you just charge everyone up front before the dance starts. This sucks, because it makes customers feel like you don’t trust them. In reality, you just can’t tell who will rip you off and who won’t. This lack of trust takes the fun out of everything.

DO I HATE CUSTOMERS? No, I do not. I love going to work and enjoying my conversations, being taken care of accordingly, and being treated in a respectable manner. Those are the nights at work that I am a fun dancer to spend time with. When I become pissed off by these assholes, that is when I get pissy. Treat your dancers better people! In turn, your experience will be better.

Now onto Joe Dirt… Joe Dirt is one of my… I don’t want to call him a customer. I feel that word is so impersonal. I will call him a “friend”. I have a great time with Joe Dirt. He was the one that inspired the clarification post. He is always telling me that he is just another one of my dumbass customers to me. I explain to him try to explain to him that I am not talking about him.

On top of that… The girl who pulled the gun on me and my friend in the parking lot is back at work. No problems out of her. I thought it was kind of fucked up. That’s it for now. Stay tuned. The weekend is coming up. I should have some good stories. I am enjoying the feedback and fan mail. I am glad to know that I don’t go through all of this alone and people can relate. Everyone in the industry… Have a good one.





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