The easiest night a stripper will ever have at work…

3 07 2008

       I am writing to you from *****, South Carolina. I went out last night instead of going to work. For some reasons Wednesday always seems like the weakest day to me. Me and a few of my friends went to a club. It was crowded, hot, and sweaty but overall I had a good time. I got pretty drunk which is rare anymore.

I had a customer call me to go into work at like one. He wanted me to meet him at two. I rushed to get ready and drove to the club. On the way I decided I was hungry. He was on his lunch break. Since time is of the essence in that situation I asked him to pick me up some lunch on his way. That way I could finish getting ready at work and he wouldn’t wait for me as long. Do you know his cheap ass gave me some excuse as to why he couldn’t stop and grab me lunch? I mean he’ll spend a hundred dollars on me but won’t buy me a four dollar fucking burger or something. I’ve never seen such shit in my life. I told him to just forget it. I went home. Fuck him and his hundred dollars. I wipe my ass with a hundred dollars. Not really but I’m just saying that’s not enough money to put up with his shit. Plus he always tries to run his hand up my leg close to my you know… and I spend the whole visit with him shifting positions and finding other innovative ways to keep him from fondling me without being obvious. And he always wants me to paint my toenails black. He’s a fucking weirdo. His name is Quincy. I wish I had a pic of this asshole. I would post it so we could all laugh. Just like a customer… They always want a lot for a hundred dollars. They feel like because they are regulars they should get a fucking discount. In my opinion, the money they give you should increase over time to keep you interested. Not dwindle slowly to the point of death. Maybe the money that dwindles is metaphorical for their hope of ever getting in the dancer’s panties. Starts off good then slowly dies. I mean how are you going to ever going to sleep with someone and you can’t even buy them a sandwich. He could have went the really cheap route and got me a gas station hot dog or something just to say he did it. Even if it wasn’t what I wanted I would have been grateful. Just kidding. I would have bitched at him and complained. Stripperville is fucked. I can’t wait to graduate.

So Monday night I went to work and got a champagne room. The dude was so drunk he passed out for the whole hour. So I got six hundred dollars to smoke cigarettes and drink Dom while he slept. I damn sure wasn’t going to wake him up. I knew he wasn’t going to make it so I kept filling up the champagne glass and telling him to drink up. Before you know it he was napping like a baby. That was the best champagne room I ever had. Then I made him give me a two hundred dollar tip. That was the best night in the world.

Other than that there’s nothing new. I started school. Finally. I should be graduating at this time next year. I don’t know how many of my credits are going to transfer. Awesome!

Hey I actually went to my locker and got a camera when dude passed out. Do you guys want me to post it or do you think that would be too fucked up? He wasn’t married. Fuck it. I’m going to do it anyways. I don’t have my cable with me but when I get home the pic is going up.




2 responses

5 07 2008

Put that pic up! I have got to see this. Sounds like a great night at work, smoking, and drinking Dom what could be better LOL. Happy July 4th!

5 07 2008

hahahahaha, amazing. post a picture for sure!
this reminds me of the easiest vip i ever did – some guy wanted to rub my feet for half an hour ($280). yesss.

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