I am not reimbursing you twenty dollars. So go fuck yourself.

27 06 2008

I am settling into my new apartment fine. I worked last night. It was kind of dead. Guess all the soldiers are on block leave. Then we have a three day weekend coming up this weekend. And the soldiers don’t get paid until Tuesday. So I am going to go work in Myrtle Beach. I need to get away anyways. A vacation kind of .

Yesterday was boring. I stayed at home most of the day. I have been a little depressed lately. I have been sleeping a lot. I started my classes online. That is really a horse of a different color.

I almost got into it last night with some big, ugly gremlin that needs to retire. She said I cut her money. Let me start off by first saying I approached a WHOLE table full of people and asked if anyone wanted a dance. The guy she was sitting with got up and I asked her if she minded. This is the ethical thing to do in a strip club. She said no. So we went back and did three songs. Somehow it was my fault because he took off owing her twenty dollars that he supposedly gave to me and now she couldn’t file her application for her disabled mother or some shit. Like it’s my fault she didn’t collect her money first. I guarantee if someone takes off to go to the couch room with another dancer owing me money I am going to be like a vietnamese nail tech who didn’t get paid. I will go in the parking lot and stand out in front of your car. You can’t leave until you pay me. And if she had a problem with it, she should have told me simply that she was entertaining him and I could come back later. But no. Skeletor has to get mad at me because he likes me better. I handled everything the right way. What am I supposed to say? “No we shouldn’t dance. She’s really old and ugly and I’m stoked to see she actually has a customer willing to pay her today. We really shouldn’t.” Fuck you bitch. To the couch room we go. Then to top it off she sat there and complained about her twenty dollars in the locker room like I was going to reimburse her dumb ass. Fuck you and your mom. Then to top if off I tried to be civil about it and she’s just a bitch. She went back and talked shit. The manager said if she keeps it up she will be fired.

I went into work on Wednesday and saw this guy who had bought dances from me one night. I wasn’t working Wednesday. I was just hanging out. I had given him my number. I told him I would let him take me out to dinner one night. He called and I ignored it. He said, “I tried to call you.” I told him if I didn’t know the number I most likely wouldn’t answer. He said he left me a message, I told him I didn’t check my messages. He said he sent me a text. I told him I didn’t have text messaging. Then I made him buy me a bunch of shots. He called yesterday. I didn’t answer. Hee hee.

Other than that everything is okay in my life. I had to go get an attorney for assaulting my neighbor. That will be okay too. I am not worried about it. Well, till next time.




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28 06 2008

Good Post: Glad to see you have a new one up. You need tell old Skeletor to go on back to Eternia and stay away LOL. (Sorry for another He-Man reference). Anyways keep your head up girl, and be in it to win it and not just to finish.

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