It’s me again!

17 06 2008

I’m back bitches!!! I have so much to tell. Where do I start?

I just moved in to my new apartment. I am in Fayetteville, NC. The night I moved in (Friday the 13th) I pulled up into a parking spot and a woman pulled up behind me and slammed on the brakes. After she parked and got out of the car I asked her, nicely I might add, if that was her parking space. She said, “Yes it is. If you lived here you’d know that you fucking bitch.” So she got in my face and I warned her to get back. She didn’t. So I punched her in the face. We struggled to the ground and the bitch bit me! She had a monkey grip on my arm. So my friend jumped on her because she wouldn’t let go. Four bite marks and ten clumps of hair later I sat on her and called the police. I restrained her until they got there. She smelled like booze. To my advantage I was sober for once. So three cop cars came. Now we all have a summons to court. I went down to the magistrate’s office and took out a warrant. Since that was the first day I moved in, I had to go and explain the situation to the people in the leasing office. They said it seemed to them she had a lot of mouth and finally met the right one. We fucked her up pretty good and I haven’t heard a peep out of her since. I gave her the opportunity to go in the house but she charged me and that’s when the shit jumped off. We will see what happens. I am going to get a lawyer just in case.

I enrolled at University of Phoenix today and I start classes the 30th. Other than that I haven’t had any major incidents. I had a blast at Myrtle Beach. I have lots of beads to remind me. :0)

Since I have my internet access back, I am going to start blogging again regularly. Or as regularly as someone like me can get. I am not regular or normal. I will revert back to my customer stories. I hate customers and the mothers that gave birth to them. I was dancing for a guy last week and when he got hard he asked me, “Is it big enough for you?” I just smiled and nodded. I wanted to puke on his fucking face. Surely if he was some kind of prize someone would have noticed already. Then there’s Andrew who has been calling me a million times. I gave him my number and figured he was good for me and my friend for a free meal. I will call him one day before I go to work so I can eat out on his money. He’s got to pay for my friend too or I’m not going. I might make him fill up my gas tank too.

Stay tuned fuckers… There’s always more of where this came from. And it won’t be long.




3 responses

20 06 2008

WOW! 18 and incarcerated you really know how to shoot for the stars, good job

20 06 2008

also, if you punch somebody that is considered assault, no matter how much they run there mouth first, be careful with that case

25 06 2008

at 18 we are still growing physically and emotionally
i wouldn’t put too much pressure on anyone that young
take better care of youself, find somthing (not money) that makes you happy and invest more time/energy there
i can tell from you blog that your not dumb/just lazy
good luck
and fuck you back 🙂

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