Fuck Everyone

24 05 2008

I am writing to you today from Fayetteville, NC. I decided to come back and work until August. That way I will have some money for school. I just got back from a week in Myrtle Beach. I got my job back. I am such a devious little bitch. I got to thinking about it and it really pissed me off the way they fired me. I am not a problem child. The club I work at requires you to work a minimum of six hours. I always tipped the manager to let me leave early to avoid paying a fine. I called them and told them if they didn’t let me have my job back that I would tell the club owner and they would all get in trouble. So within an hour I was back to work. Fuck it. If I can’t make any money in that mutherfucker… NO ONE WILL. Not if I can help it.

So I am sitting in my hotel room feeling gloomy. It’s rainy outside and I’m lonely. And hungover. I am so tired of people. They are nothing but lying, manipulative disappointments waiting to happen. My feelings stem from an event that happened last night. Me and my friend went to a guy’s house and did a private party. We made $700 off the party which we split. It wasn’t bad for an hour and a half. Then we went out and got trashed. And I don’t mean a little drunk. My friend’s boyfriend and her brother are in jail for 2nd degree murder. I let her borrow $1650 to put toward a lawyer. Her sister had stolen $4000 from her. So guess who comes back over to the house last night? And she let her back in. I packed my shit up and told her I am not going to be anywhere that I have to worry about my shit being stolen. To make it worse, her sister is 17 and has a smart ass mouth and a nasty attitude. She is lazy, ungrateful, and self centered. So I am at a hotel now. I have a feeling in my boredom I will be blogging a lot. I am kind of pissed because now I am afraid she won’t pay me back but whatever… I believe when one thing leaves it is making room for something greater to come in its place. Even though I don’t make my money the most holy way I believe that God will bless me because I had a kind heart when I gave her the money. I never loan money out but I made an exception for her. If she pays me back, she does. If she doesn’t oh well. Karma is a mutherfucker.

The hotel I am staying in is kind of spooky. I hate hotels. I always feel like people are watching me. Lurking in the shadows and waiting to rape or rob me. If I don’t blog again in the next week you’ll know I’m dead.

Well, I guess I have nothing today to write but a bunch of negative bullshit. I am going to lay down and take a nap. Maybe I will wake up in a better mood. I feel like holing up in this room with a bottle of tequila. The guy at the front desk was asking me if he can come over later. What a fucking joke. Unless my room is going to be free, we have nothing to talk about. So he can kiss my ass. I will blog again by Monday. See you fuckers later. And have a shitty weekend. I am.




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