My Life at a Pivotal Point

12 05 2008

I am blogging to you from Panera Bread in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Let me say first that I am excited about the amount of fan mail I have been getting. I am pleased that people are reading my blog and responding. I am even more excited that I am entertaining to you. Even if one doesn’t agree with all of the things that I write or think the decisions I make, at least I gave you good reading material. Suprisingly enough, most of you are totally cool with everything. That’s awesome. I apologize for not having time to respond to all of your comments and emails. I am lazy and it’s hard enough for me to get around to blogging sometimes.

So I left last Sunday to come back to Tennessee and visit my family. I returned Tuesday night. My roomate, who is also the manager, and I went out to the club we work at to have a few drinks. I got into an altercation with a customer. He was drunk and started running his mouth. He called me a “stank ass bitch”. I informed him that his mama was a stank ass bitch. He got mad and told me he was going to hit me. I didn’t touch him, threaten him, or anything else. Then he spit in my face. I told the bouncer that he had spit on me and they kicked him out. I handled the situation correctly right? I told the manager and he copped an attitude with me. I thought that I should have been commended for a job well done. Any other crazy stripper would have beat the brakes off his ass. To make it worse he was a wigger. Wigger spit. Ewww… Anyways I thought the situation was handled. So I turn around and they let this mutherfucker back in and he looks at me and taunts me and calls me a bitch. So I spit dead in his face. Then they called my roomate outside and I told him to tell them he didn’t see anything. So guess what he does? He snitches me out! Then the GM calls me outside and asks me if I spit in his face. I said yes. He told me I had been a problem since I started and I was barred from the property. His name is Jesse and he works at Secrets Cabaret in Fayetteville, NC. If you ever want to call someone and tell them what an asshole they are, your support is appreciated. If I had the number handy I would post that also for your convenience. I will post it next time I blog. Anyhow, I went home and packed my shit and by five a.m. I was en route back to Tennessee. Had I known I was going to get fired I would have really fucked him up. I spent a few days at the house sitting around doing nothing.

I am glad that it happened. I always said one day I am going to go back home and finish school. I have thirty hours in and need to complete my degree. If this wouldn’t have happened I would have ended up fourty years old in the champagne room. Jesse doesn’t know how to run a club. He lets customers disrespect girls and allows them to stay in the club because they spend money. Any real dancer that has worked in bigger cities knows real managers have a zero tolerance attitude towards shit like this. Fuck him and his non champagne room having club. And for the record I never caused trouble at that club. I never had a complaint that my dances were dirty, that I was mean to the other dancers, I always had my payout, and always tipped management twenty to thirty dollars. This experience taught me two things: 1) Never tip your manager more than the bare minimum because it does not secure your job. It doesn’t even get you favortism. Keep your money. You were the one grinding cock for it. Fuck them. 2) If a customer can spit in my face and be allowed back in, I am in the wrong place. I am so fucking sad. I am mourning the loss of Secrets Cabaret. I mean even though I’ve worked in Dallas, Memphis, Miami, and South Carolina, I am reasonably certain that no one else will hire me.

And the owner of that club is even worse. He is a rich, conceited arrogant asshole. His employees don’t even like him. They talk shit about him all the time behind his back. He thinks he is the shit because he has a Bentley. Newsflash: If you put a jackass in a Bentley it is still a jackass. He is so pathetic that he comes to the club and promises girls boob jobs so that he can stick his dick in them. One girl fucked him and said, “He said he’s going to get me a boob job.” He had already fucked her. I will be god damned if I fuck someone on a promise of something. If you promise me a boob job I am going to have cold hard cash in my hand. At least enought for the deposit. I am not giving away hope pussy. What a dumb ass. Ha ha. I hope he fires your dumb ass and doesn’t buy you shit. It’s pretty pathetic when you have to buy a whole strip club to get pussy because you’re such an asshole no one will fuck you for free. On top of that all your employees are stealing from you. Everyone from his pilots to his door guys brown nose and it’s all because of that mighty dollar. It must suck to have to buy— I won’t even call it respect because that would be an exaggeration—tolerance.

On another note: Thank you Jesse! You finally prompted me to come home and finish my degree. In a couple years I may be your boss. That’s right. I am back in Tennessee and unpacking. I turned in my application for re-admission to Middle Tennessee State and stopped by the financial aid office. When I left MTSU I was on financial aid suspension for unsatisfactory progress. Today my financial aid suspension was lifted! I was so happy I almost cried. I am not religious but I have truly been blessed today. I feel triumphant!

I decided I am going to dance for the rest of the summer. I am going to put my money away and come back to Tennessee in August and start school. I worked Saturday at a litle club nearby. It’s a little hole in the wall in the country. The power went out for about an hour and a half. The emergency lights came on. I had driven sixty miles to be there so I was kind of pissed about the down time. Then I had a revelation. I found someone who had an mp3 on their phone and took customers in the back and danced to a song on a cell phone by the glow of the emergency lights. Everyone was laughing at me but then I made two hundred bucks. The other girls started following suit and the party continued. I am not going to let a little power outage slow me down. No one is going to stop my show! I had one customer inform me that he was single and was “lookin”. I thought to myself, “I’m lookin’ too. What’s your total net worth?” I made $400. Not bad for as slow as it was. I guess there was a bike rally in town and the storms also didn’t help.

Don’t panic over what I’m about to say. I feel all this happened at once for a reason. On my visit home I had seriously contemplated moving back. Then I had let my dad keep my car and drove his truck back to Fayetteville in hope I could sell it for him. I was going to send him the money. We thought it would sell fast because it’s a military town. So as soon as I get back, I get fired which prompts me to do something I had been delaying and truly wanted to do anyways. And I happened to have a truck on hand to do it with. Then I got my financial aid suspension lifted. A coincedence? Maybe. I decided that when school started I would dance on the weekends. Maybe since I am trying to do what’s right I am being blessed. I am excited.

I am leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow. I am going to go dance/party out there. I plan on working and traveling the rest of the summer. There’s no telling where I may end up! Thanks for all your support and comments! I kind of like you guys. Everytime I log in and see my blog stats and all the feedback it encourages me to write more often. Till next time remember… if anyone spits in your face, bitch slap their ass. Peace.




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12 05 2008

You are so cute! Love your stories, I never read these things but I am enthralled wit your life as a dancer. I think it’s great you are going back to school, but let me give you some advice; I have my Bachelor’s degree, am in law school, and have not found a job in which a degree is needed. I am working a $14 an hour job in that anyone could obtain. There are no jobs out there, ya know if I had the balls to strip I would. I’m in a “mid-life” crisis in my life myself, and I hope to have an epiphany like you!
You rock girl

13 05 2008

It never hurts to get an education!! If anything it will make you more skilled at being a smart ass.. I am currently grinding the dick to pay my way through school in the medical field at the University of KY. You are beautiful, talented, and smart to boot, you can do anything you want. If you make your way this summer anywhere near Lexington KY, I would love to drink, party, or even work with you!!! You rock! Please don’t stop your blogs!!! I can relate with your stories and enjoy them very much!!

2 06 2008

Congratulatory says : I absolutely agree with this !

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