I keep forgetting people. I think it’s all the booze!

8 02 2008

I am excited to see that people are actually visiting my blog. I didn’t write for awhile because I wasn’t getting that much traffic. However, now I am inspired and am going to try to write more because it is my responsibility to you guys as my readers. So from now on I will write everyday! Lol. Yeah, right. You guys shouldn’t believe that. You know I’m a stripper and you know we lie! 80)~

So I would fill you in on everything that’s been going on since my last post but it is too much to type. I will never make it to work tonight. The guy I was talking to and I are off now for good. I am enjoying being single and dating right now. I think I am just going to take some time off and focus more on me. If I run across someone in the meantime it just happens. So I went to work last night and made like $800. It seemed like easy money too. It just seemed I was on fire! Like no one could tell me no. I love those nights. But trust me, for every good night there are five bad ones coming so I’m saving.

I had a guy tell me that he had been in there a couple months ago and we did a champagne room for $700. He said he had a great time but I was drunk. He said I had fell down in the champagne room and broke my champagne glass. I don’t remember ever seeing his face. It was kind of funny. We laughed about it for a while and then I talked him into another champagne room. I felt bad about his last experience so I gave him one for $300. We didn’t do anything but sit there and talk. I might have danced like one song during the whole hour and it was only because I liked that particular song. I am such a bitch… Then he said I had given him my number and he tried to call but it was disconnected. Did he really think he was going to get my number? Lol. Then I had another guy come in and he said he had seen me every Thursday for the past two weeks but I didn’t remember him either. He said he would come tonight at eight to do a champagne room. I hope he’s there. I hate going in earlier than  nine on weekends.

So I was on myspace today and I had a message from a girl that I was locked up with for three years. We were in state’s custody together in South Dakota when we were juveniles. We were like sisters. I really don’t have any family and neither does she so that bonds us together. After we talked awhile I found out she is only a two hour drive away! I haven’t seen her in ten years. I am so excited. She’s coming down tonight with her husband. I looked up another girl we were locked up with and she is now an escort. I sent her a message on myspace and turns out she has a pimp. I am worried about her and am going to try to play Captain Save-A-Hoe. I think a lot of her and don’t want her walking some track. I am going to try to talk her into coming to live with me and teaching her how to make money with her panties on. I hope she listens. I will keep you posted.

So I ended up after work last night at a gay bar, dancing with some stud. I kind of liked her though and I’ve never been one to be a lesbian but I must admit, she peaked my interest.

There was some damn guy last night who tried to pull my titty out while I was having a conversation with him. I gently moved his hand away and asked if he wanted a dance. He said no. So I told him I thought he did since he was trying to take my titty out. Then I called him a jackass and walked away shaking my head. Shortly after he left. Guess I offended him. I’m glad. What a douchebag. If you’re going to touch the girls, at least tip them. Being a perv is one thing. Being a cheap perv is unspeakable. I wish I could get away with kicking people in the balls at work.

Well, I’ve got to go to Applebee’s before work. My new found lesbian friend Crystal works there so I’m going to grace her with my presence. Before I go I want to say thank you for reading my blog and I will ATTEMPT to write more often. And I think I’ve said this before but I STRONGLY encourage comments! I put time into typing this shit so you guys can be somewhat entertained/shocked/intrigued/disgusted… whatever the case may be, so it’s nice to see feedback and know what you are thinking. Till next time fuckers…




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