Norman the Perv

22 11 2007

I have been in the hospital in the mental unit of the ER due to—get this… Panic attacks. They said it was due to alcohol. I did stay drunk all weekend. It scared me and I am making another attempt to stay sober. We will see how this one works out. Probably a lot like the other ones.

Friday I worked one hour and made $500 and left. I did a champagne room with Norman, the guy who gave me the $2300 dollars. Well, after he gave me all that money I saw him in the club the following night. I assumed he was there to see me. I mean, $2300 means he must have really liked me right? Wrong. He was actually there to see someone else. I let it go. Friday night I saw him again. I greeted his fat ass and asked who he was there to see. He said me. Then he got this smug shitty smile on his face and explained to me how the other girl was at home in bed so he was sneaking up there to see me. To make a long story short, I got drunk and led him on to believe we would have a relationship. Not sex but an actual romantic relationship. I told him we would hang out Saturday. So Saturday I went to the mall and called him and told him to meet me there. The whole time we  were at the mall he was saying dirty things to me. When he showed up he informed me that he had brought his “overnight” bag. I laughed at him and asked him why. He said he always packed it. Since I had to listen to his nasty shit I made him pay for my stuff. I went to MAC and bought $90 worth of makeup. Then I spent $200 of his money at Bebe. Then he paid $200 on my Freidman’s account. Then I told him that I was going to go hang out with my friends before I went to work and ended up not even going in. Then he calls me three times being pathetic and whiny and dramatic. So when Sunday came and we were supposed to see each other I told him he was too crazy for me. Now he’s back with the other girl who is at work giving me dirty looks. Like I give a fuck. Then Monday night when I was walking in the building he drops her off in front of the door and squeals his tires to get my attention. A fourty two year old man squealing tires at a strip club in a Chevy Aveo. A fat man in a Chevy Aveo. Was what I did wrong? Who cares. The strip club is a dog eat dog world. Everyone is fair game when they walk through that door. It is not a place for the weak minded or the sensitive. Bottom line: If you’re a dumbass you shouldn’t be in there because if a bitch takes all your money it’s only because you let her.

So when I went to the hospital Sunday, “Robert” saw my car at the restaraunt. He put a note on my windshield to call him which I didn’t do until Monday. I don’t even know why I did. It’s the same old shit. He didn’t even invite me over to his family’s house for Thanksgiving. It kind of hurt my feelings. Not really bad because he’s already hurt them before and you can only do that to me once. Everytime after that I will expect the worst out of you.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope all is well with you and yours. I am eight hours from home because of a strip club shut down a year ago. I am going to have Thanksgiving with a bunch of strippers. I am glad to see you guys have been reading the blog. I don’t know what it looks like on your screen but I can tell how many people visit each day. Glad I can entertain and amuse you. Now go fuck your turkeys. :0)




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